Deloitte Survey Shows Blockchain Remains in its Hype Bubble

Blockchain technology has been touted as the technology of the future. Several years into this optimistic outlook, real-world adoption of distributed ledgers remains at a low.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that blockchains aren’t going to be used on a broader scale, though.

Blockchain Remains of Great Interest

If a survey by Deloitte is to be believed, companies around the globe want to speed up integration of distributed ledger technology.  

Although the survey only involves companies questioned by Deloitte, the overall sentiment seems rather intriguing. 

It indicates how more than one in three companies are already building new infrastructure involving distributed ledgers.

Compared to last year’s survey, this is a near 100% increase in “adoption”.

The remainder of the companies acknowledge how this technology has strategic value.

While these findings are valuable, the majority of respondents are seemingly active in, or have strong ties with the blockchain industry already.

That said, there are still some interesting takeaways.

China is clearly the leader in terms of integrating blockchain technology.

The country remains ahead of the APAC region, Ireland, and the UAE.

In the US, just over one in four companies are experimenting with distributed ledgers. 

So far, none of the respondents has come up with a popular real-world use case for this technology.