Coinbase Issue Prevents Humble Bundle Bitcoin Payments

When the Humble Bundle team started accepting Bitcoin payments for their collections of games, there was great excitement among the digital currency community. Another use case was born for Bitcoin, and there are certain correlations between the crowds attracted by either digital currency or gaming. However, a few of the Humble Bundle offerings have been up for sale without Bitcoin being accepted. To make matters even worse, the company is experiencing issues with the Coinbase integration.

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Humble Bundle Bitcoin Issues Continue

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Some of the more popular Humble Bundle deals were impossible to purchase with Bitcoin directly. It is up to the publishers of the games to determine what type of payments they want to accept, and most of them are not keen on Bitcoin at all. While that is certainly understandable, there is no risk for publishers to accept Bitcoin payments, as funds are converted to fiat currency on the fly.

That being said, the current Humble Bundle cannot be purchased with Bitcoin either for the time being. Based on the information provided in the message below the payment options, the Humble Jumbo Bundle 6 cannot be paid for with digital currency as Bitcoin payments have been disabled. Quite a strange message, but it turns out there is a good reason for this problem.

Unlike what some people might think, the Humble Bundle team has turned their back on Bitcoin, as they still see the value of adding this alternative payment option. Instead, the issue comes in the form of an integration issue with their Bitcoin payment processor, which is none other than Coinbase.

Trouble between Humble Bundle and Coinbase started brewing a few days ago, based on the information in the Tweet above. Although the company has mentioned they will let users know when the issue has been resolved, we are now one week later, and there is still no Bitcoin payment option.Moreover, there are no details as to what is causing the issue, other than the fact the problem was severe enough to completely halt digital currency payments on the entire Humble Bundle platform.

If this issue continues for an extended period – Bitcoin enthusiasts have missed out on a  few promising bundles so far – it might be in the best interest of Humble Bundle to look for an alternative Bitcoin payment processor. There are plenty of companies providing such a service to anyone in the world. Decentralization is important, especially in the payments industry.

Source; Reddit

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