Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016 Is Almost Upon Us

A new Bitcoin conference is on the horizon, which will take place in Prague on May 19th, 2016. Although this event will only last for one full day, there are plenty of reasons to attend.  Not only will there be plenty of panels to attend, but there is also an exhibition area, and a start-up alley to discover the hottest ideas and trends in the world of digital currency.

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Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016

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The year 2016 will be an exciting one for both Bitcoin and the blockchain as there is more interest in both aspects of digital currency than ever before. Various countries are trying to figure out whether or not they will regulate the usage of Bitcoin whereas financial institutions all want to embrace the blockchain, or create their own version of distributed ledger systems.

Another particular topic of interest is how Bitcoin will evolve regarding privacy and security. For many users, the digital currency needs additional privacy features, whereas others wouldn’t mind seeing more security on a grander scale. Whether or not this is possible, remains to be seen, but they are both exciting prospects.

Among the confirmed speakers for this event so far are CoinsBank CEO Ronny Boesing, BitNation representative Amin Rafiee, Cryptopay founder George Basiladze, and much more. This list will continue to grow over the next few weeks as the event date draws nearer. CoinsBank is also the general sponsor of Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016.

Speaking of the partners for this event, the list is quite long and includes various news outlets and Fintech companies. It’s nice to see people coming together for these types of events, as the only way to make the Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem better is through collaboration. No exhibitors have been announced yet at the time of publication, but more information will become available in the coming weeks.

It is the second time Bitcoin Conference Prague takes place, as last year saw a lot of interest from the Bitcoin community as well. Some of the most prominent companies were present during this event, including BitStamp, BW, General Bytes, and MoneyPolo. We can only hope 2016 will be an even better event than the previous version.

Note from the Author: The Merkle is not responsible for the information provided to us by the Bitcoin Conference Prague staff. All responsibilities are solely those of the attendees and event staff.

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