Coinalytics Appoints Juan Llanos as Executive Vice President

Coinalytics, a blockchain data intelligence firm based in Palo Alto, California, welcomes Juan Llanos as executive vice president.

Llanos, who has previously worked for Unidos Financial Services and BitReserve, where he served as chief transparency officer, is bringing with him a wealth of knowledge on regulatory and compliance matters as they relate to the burgeoning blockchain economy.

“I am honored and thrilled to be joining the Coinalytics team at such an exciting time in the evolution of advanced analytics and blockchain technologies.”

In his first post on the official Coinalytics blog, Llanos commented on the potential for blockchains to transform society and business on every level. He also mentioned that distributed ledgers hold great promise for regulatory agencies looking to improve their efforts.

“In this digital day and age, modern technology — especially shared cryptographic ledgers — have the interesting dual property of being potentially transformative and disruptive while at the same time offering opportunities for improved oversight and control.”

As a former risk and compliance officer at the Linux Foundation’s regulatory affairs committee, Llanos recognizes the risks that distributed permissionless systems pose to the global economic system, “Indeed, as easy as visualizing the enormous positive impact that shared cryptographic ledger technologies could have on the global economy is to notice the big challenges facing and risks posed by them.” said Llanos.

Llanos is schedule to deliver a speech at the Compliance & Law Enforcement in the Age of the Blockchain conference, which will be held on the 15th of March in San Francisco.


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