City of Las Vegas Uses Artificial Intelligence to Thwart Cyber Attacks

It has become rather apparent the global cyber security sector may need a major overhaul in the coming years. If it is up to the city of Las Vegas, that fight will be won by deploying an artificial intelligence solution. That is quite an interesting solution to tackle the problem, although it remains to be seen how things will play out over the coming years.

AI And Cybersecurity Are An Interesting Mix

Contrary to what people may believe, the city of Las Vegas does not have the best IT staff. To be more specific, there are three employees and one intern for the entire city. In this day and age, that is severely low, but it seems things will not improve anytime soon. Luckily, they managed to add an additional member to their staff, in the form of an artificial intelligence solution.

In fact, this AI has proven to be quite an invaluable ally. Given the mounting number of ransomware and phishing attacks, it is only normal cities start to look toward something that can effectively protect their IT infrastructure. Although these types of attacks have become rather common, they can still cause a lot of havoc in quick succession.

It is rather interesting to learn the city is using artificial intelligence even though this technology has become quite popular among enthusiasts as of late. It can make quite an impact on the cyber security industry as a whole, although we are still in the early stages of research and development. Enterprise security firms are leaning toward AI solutions as we speak, and the trend will only become more apparent as time progresses.

A lot of people may not know this, but some firms have been using AI in cyber security for nearly four years now. This gives these companies a competitive edge over the rest of the world, to say the least. Right now, most companies are still debating whether or not they need an IT staff to begin with, although it seems clear thwarting attacks should be the number one priority right now.

Other technologies being deployed to improve the fight against malicious attacks include machine learning and deep learning. Both forms of technology are more than capable of learning new features and adopting their strategies as they see fit. Unlike our human counterparts, who seemingly forget to learn from previous mistakes, technology is more than capable of keeping a proper track record.

It would not be surprising to see AI solutions completely take over the IT sector as a whole in a few years from now. This technology can make proper decisions and execute responses without any human holding it back. This is an intimidating prospect, but if we want to protect our data and maintain proper security, human-based solutions are no longer an adequate candidate.

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