Circle Launch Debut Android App Keeping In Line With Traditions

Circle launches it self into the mobile markets with new app launch displaying its felixbility and vision for the future.

Circle has been one of the main market dominaters ruling the realm of Bitcoin trading. Its simple but innovative take on the buying and selling of Bitcoin has helped customers a plenty. The simplicity put forward by Circle was heralded as one of the main advantages of using the service as it has helped hundreds of new customers easily make their first purchase.

Circle moving forward and outward

The launch of the mobile app has brought timely innovation to the ever expanding brand which had simplified the process of buying Bitcoin with a credit card, a first in Bitcoins history.  Banks and Bitcoins have never been best of friends and PayPal has troubled its fair share of Bitcoin users. The app has been reveiwed positively by many users praising its desgin and UI whilst remaining true to one of its main values, simplicity. Below are the features boasted by the app on its listing on the Play Store.

Circle lets you store and use bitcoin. We believe that bitcoin is the future of money, and we want to make it approachable and convenient for anyone to use.

Our new Circle app is full of well-designed features:

Connect your bank account and credit cards to easily move money to and from your Circle account.
When you convert money from a linked bank account to bitcoin, you don’t pay any fees.
Send bitcoin to contacts via email.
Scan bitcoin QR codes to make instant payments.
Request bitcoin from contacts via email.
Generate your own QR codes to receive bitcoin from others.
Get started with a new Circle account in minutes.
Set a PIN code for easy access to the Circle app once you’re signed in.
Get timely help from our friendly support team.

Source The listing for the App on The Play Store

As amazing as the app looks can it perform compared to other apps dedicated to the trade of Bitcoin. On first glance all the basic functions are present, receiving, sending and trading Bitcoin. Whilst functionality is present what pushes Circle out in front is simply its GUI, simplicity and popularity. Circle has managed to gain a huge userbase attracting many new users and those with a credit card at hand for Bitcoin purchases.The new versions launched also cites impovements relating to functionality as many bugs were resolved during development of the version.

Whilst the launch of the App has come as a positive for the brand, negative news has overshadowed the launch. Many users on the Bitcointalk forum complained how the service was maiking profit of each trade via delaying it. Delaying certain trades by 5-10 minutes and in some cases for hours, leads to the service profiting from price fluctuations. Wether the claims are justified is it considered reasonable for a service to make some profit but is it acceptable to do so with out notifying the customer ? Voice your opinions below, and with that ill leave you with a quick review of the Android app.


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