Chinese Company Sees Defects Decline by 80% After Replacing Human Workers With Robots

Recent developments in the world of technology and artificial intelligence will lead to more robots being deployed in the job industry over time. Particularly more mundane jobs, such as manufacturing-oriented tasks will be replaced by robots soon or later. One Chinese factory tried a new approach by replacing nine in ten human employees with robots, which resulted in a 250% production increase.

Robots Taking Over Jobs Can Be A Good Thing

It has to be said, a lot of people are concerned about losing their jobs to robots and artificial intelligence in the coming years. Some industries will be affected harder by this change, especially where manufacturing and mundane jobs are concerned. Telephone operators and meter maids are a small example of the jobs that are being replaced by robots. One factory in China has conducted a field test by replacing 90% of its workers with robots. The results are quite surprising, to say the least.

Hardly anyone will be surprised to learn the factory’s production rate increased by leaps and bounds. In fact, the production picked up by as much as 250%, which is quite a staggering number. The real shock, however, is how the number of defects recorded on the factory work floor decreased by as much as 80%. It turns out most hardware defects are caused by careless employees, which is rather surprising.

It is important to note this experiment does not mean all companies around the world will replace their workers with robots overnight. Some industries lend themselves better to machine-based workers, simply because the processes are repetitive. For this Chinese company in question, further job cuts are on the horizon, as the existing workforce will be reduced by another two-thirds soon.

Rest assured there will be more news stories like these in the future, although they do not have the be the harbinger of bad news. A change in how we think about work can be good for our society as a whole. Robot-only factories are a threat, yet the human mind is capable of learning new skills with relative ease. In a lot of cases, it will come down to how willing the employee is to learn something new so they can retain their position within the firm.

Contrary to what most people may think today, the list of jobs threatened by robots is shorter than anticipated. A lot of jobs are at stake, that much no one can deny. Despite some financial experts claiming how our society cannot cope with this change, it seems they are seeing things in a black-and-white spectrum.  There is nothing wrong with having mixed feelings about jobs being replaced by robots, yet it is an exciting development at the same time.

In the end, all of these advancements in technology, AI, and robotics will create a better and improved society for us all. Change always comes with difficult decisions and opposition, yet the benefits far outweigh the downsides. Humans who are no longer forced to work repetitive and mind-numbing jobs will be glad about this impending change. The only real question is what type of new jobs will be created to fill the gap left behind when the robots do take over most of these tasks.

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