5 Jobs That Won’t be Replaced by Robots

A lot of people are concerned about the coming robot and AI revolution. While it is true some jobs will be lost to robots in the process, quite a few sectors will remain virtually unchanged.  Keep in mind this does not mean everyone should switch careers all of a sudden, as the change to robot-based employment will not happen overnight by any means. Some jobs require a human element, and until robots become far more advanced, the following jobs will not be on the bubble anytime soon.

#5 Recreational Therapists

The healthcare sector will be hit quite hard by the impending robotization. However, certain aspects of healthcare cannot be replaced by robots in the near future. Recreational therapists are safe from this revolution for quite some time to come. In fact, employment in this sector is only increasing every year, due to the aging population. Humans are a few steps ahead of robots when it comes to social perceptiveness.

#4 First-line Supervisors

There will always be a need for entities to oversee the people responsible for installing and repairing systems. Regardless of whether these workers are human or robotic in nature, human oversight will always be mandatory. Experts predict there will be over 24,000 new jobs in the first-line supervisor sector over the next decade. Problem-solving skills can be found in most robotic workers as well, yet there is a vast difference between their thought pattern and the human brain.

#3 Social Workers

When it comes to treating patients suffering from substance abuse or mental health issues, humans will not be without a job anytime soon. In fact, one could argue this is a job only humans are capable of performing. Social perceptiveness, outside-the-box thinking, and going the extra mile are all traits one will not find in robots or artificial intelligence any time soon.

#2 Reporters

Anyone with a certain degree of creativity in their day-to-day job will be safe from the robot revolution for the foreseeable future. Despite advancements and in the world of artificial intelligence, creativity is not a trait commonly found in robotic solutions today. It is possible this situation will come to change in a few decades from now, but that will require an advanced AI.

Crafting stories, interpreting facts, and adding a creative flavor to it all is something only the human brain is capable of. Granted, AI solutions are modeled after our own brain, but it is difficult to “teach” creativity. It is something one has from day one or doesn’t have at all. It seems there is no way in between for now, which means any “reporter” job will be safe from the mechanical overlords.

#1 Artists

Speaking of creativity, it is very doubtful artists will be replaced by robots anytime soon. Actors and songwriters, for example, have a brain that is hardwired very differently compared to computers and even the most advanced artificial intelligence today. For now, robots do not have emotions as we know them, which make them unsuitable to replace artists in the coming years.

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