China’s Monkey King Wants to be Part of the Combat Robot Sports League

Giant fighting robots may very well be the ultimate dream of every male child growing up. Whether it is a Transformer, the robot from Real Steel, or anything else that is huge and looks “cool”, there is always room for giant fighting robots. Monkey King, a Chinese mega-mech, is looking to join the market alongside Japan’s Kuratas and the American MK III.

Giant Fighting Robots Will Square Off Soon

It is rather intriguing to learn there is such a thing as giant fighting robots. What is even more impressive is how these robots will be manned by human pilots and fight to the death. Up until a few days ago, it seemed this battle would put MK. III and Kuratas in a one-on-one battle to the death – of the robot, not the pilot – but it looks like a third contender has emerged.

Kuratas is a 13-foot fighting robot that is actually up for sale on the Japanese version of Amazon. It costs US$1m in the basic configuration, although it remains unclear if anyone has actually purchased this mech. Over in the US, on the other hand, we have the Mk. III, which is developed by MegaBots. This bot is not available on Amazon – thankfully – yet might give Kuratas a run for its money. In fact, both machines are set to square off in a duel in the hopes of creating a future robot fighting league. Rest assured people would gladly pay to see that.

Although the details regarding this massive fight remain to be determined, we know it will take place in August of 2017. However, a third competitor may join the fray, as China has developed their own combat mech over the past few years. Greatmetal, a Chinese manufacturer, showcased Monkey King earlier this week. It is very well possible Monkey King will become part of this futuristic fighting robot league. In fact, MegaBots is open to fight the Chinese contender later this year.

As one would expect, we know little to nothing about this surprise entrant in the world of fighting robots. It appears the robot is more than capable of standing up straight while fighting. However, the machine can – in theory – drop down to all four limbs and fight that way as well. This is an interesting take on things, to say the least. After all, most people would like to see robots standing up on two legs to fight, although a four-legged approach makes a lot of sense as well.

Assuming this giant robot takes a page out of the Monkey King’s legend, this robot should be capable of transforming itself into all kinds of different beings. It is unclear what that might mean for the fighting robot, although we can only hope the Chinese manufacturer has some surprises up its sleeve. For now, the mystery surrounding Monkey King is more than enough to keep most people happy, though.

We live in quite exciting times. No one expected to look forward to fighting robots jut a few years ago. At this time in history, we have an extra entrant which no one expected to appear. It will be interesting to see how the fight shapes up this coming August, and we can only hope to have more information made available in the coming weeks.

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