CHERR.IO — Blockchain Solution for Charitable Donations

Blockchain technology has disrupted countless industries, with improvements in stability and efficiency on a global scale. However, we are still in the process of unlocking the full potential of such technology. The benefits can help humanity further progress into a hyper-connected world. Yet there is still mass poverty, hunger and hardship for many worldwide. CHERR.IO seeks to change that by improving the way humanitarian organisations operate. CHERR.IO has created a platform for all charitable organisations to help save lives. By expanding outreach, optimising fund raising processes and significantly reducing advertising costs, CHERR.IO is rebuilding trust.

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CHEER.IO’s Journey

CHERR.IO has an inspiring vision that is progressively being realised. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, CHERR.IO is offering a solution to many of the world’s problems. CHERR.IO has an impressive story, including winning FutureHack in Davos during this year’s World Economic Forum. They are also partnered with Caritas Maribor, one of Slovenia’s biggest charity organisations. CHERR.IO have now started their token sale, as they break new ground.

Token Sale

CHERR.IO is a proud native of Slovenia, which is becoming one of the most highly regarded blockchain destinations in Europe. CHERR.IO are set to revamp the charity sector with the launch of their token sale. The public pre-sale in currently LIVE and will last for 9 days. The team are also approached an exciting launch of their official crowdsale which takes place on June 1st, lasting until June 15th.

With such a groundbreaking vision, and potential to impact so many lives certainly comes with some pressure. However, the CHERR.IO team are focused on realising their unique vision, seeking to improve and expand charitable donations processes. CHERR.IO inspires trust from dontators that is reinforced by the platforms transparency. The platform ensures traceability and full auditability of transactions, you can already find live charity campaigns.

The CHERR.IO team have an admirable vision, to utilise technology to benefit humanity. Their recent focus was to help two young boys with cerebral paralysis regain their strength to walk. Their inspiring and remarkable efforts are shown in this moving video.

CHERR.IO have had a very exciting last few months and are set for a bright future. The project has been praised by the crypto community and wider audiences alike. They have also hit an impressive milestone by winning FutureHack, which was the first ever hackathon to take place in Davos, during this year’s World Economic Forum.

The CHERR.IO Community

The universally positive reception for CHERR.IO speaks volumes about the project’s potential. Even the Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar honorably announced CHERR.IO as “the most inspirational project from Slovenia”. With such positive feedback, momentum is certainly on their side as they continue to present their blockchain project at different conferences around the world. CHERR.IO also boasts to have won the ‘ICO Demo Day’, after receiving an invitation from the ‘Business Angels of Slovenia’. However, the team did not stop there as they strive toward their goal. To help along the way, they have partnered with Caritas Maribor, one of the most highly regarded charity organisations in Slovenia.

By embracing blockchain technology, CHERR.IO are fulfilling their goal to help humanity and grow together. They are well supported by a community and a renowned advisory board, consisting of stand out individuals like: Jacob Papageorgiou, Giovanni Lesna, Vladimir Nikitin, Melinda Woolf, Niko Slavnič, Grey Jabesi. With such support, coupled with a visionary project, CHERR.IO is progressing by the day.

CHERR.IO’s co-founder, Aljaz Straser states:

“For us charity work is all about people. That is why we gave them powers to decide. Our community, chooses who and where their donations will go towards.”

The team are certainly grateful for the high ratings and positive reviews. They are also the first to utilize a gamified rewarding mechanism on a charity platform.

For more information on the CHERR.IO mission, visit their website. You can also read their Whitepaper here. Don’t forget to join the ever growing community, and get in touch on Telegram.