CEO of Genesis Mining Heads New Bitcoin Investment Fund

The Logos Fund is a new private investment offering aimed at high net worth accredited investors that are interested in gaining exposure to various cryptocurrency-related investments.

The fund – which filed its Form D registration with the SEC – was founded by Marco Streng, CEO and Co-founder of Genesis Mining. Streng is heading the new venture with the assistance of Björn Tilmann Arzt, Head of Structured Capital at UniCredit, and Dr.Florian Putzka, senior lawyer at UniCredit.

The mining of virtual currencies is a very technical endeavor and many sophisticated investors in the US don’t have many investment options when it comes to regulated digital currency funds, with the exception of Barry Silbert’s Bitcoin Investment Trust.

Streng’s fund will mine bitcoin directly with hardware provided by Genesis mining. The fund will also focus on investing into the digital currency itself, and profit from “different markets and pricing”.

In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Streng said that his fund will provide a vehicle for investors to get a taste of the wildly exciting and rapidly growing global digital currency economy:

“We think mining is a huge opportunity for large-scale investors and we are bullish on the future value of Bitcoin. Our initial strategy will be to generate bitcoins for our investors for the lowest price possible, giving them access to what we feel is the most exciting investment class that has existed in decades.”

The Logos Fund will receive at initial cash injection of $1 million from Genesis mining, which will be used to bolster the mining capabilities and operational infrastructure of the fund.


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