The Cannabis Job Market

In 2025, the legal marijuana industry will employ up to 600,000 full time workers across the United States.  Cannabis is one of the few industries that has significantly grown during the pandemic; in 2020, the industry added 77,300 full time jobs.  That’s 32% year-over-year job growth!


Support for legalization continues to grow.  1 in 3 Americans now live in states with legalized cannabis.  As states expand access, jobs will follow.  Montana is the next state to feel this effect, with recreational use beginning in 2022.  With such a rapidly expanding market, entry level employees have a greater chance for quick advancement.  Someone could begin as a harvester and rise to the level of master grower in a few short years, with the salary increase to match.


Jobs in the legal cannabis industry exist across the spectrum with regards to experience and background.  A marijuana courier requires the same skills as any other delivery driver.  Anyone used to selling alcohol or cigarettes is well familiar with the process of being a cashier at a marijuana dispensary.  Meanwhile, an extraction technician will need to maintain lab equipment, and they would benefit from some type of scientific background.  An edibles chef should be someone used to making baked goods, candies, or beverages, which can require special skills.  And don’t forget about support services.  The cannabis industry is highly regulated in the states where it exists.  It requires specialized knowledge for nearly every aspect of operations, including marketing, information technology, and legal services.  Professionals could apply their expertise to a new industry.


Getting started may require extra research.  Some states require individuals to get a marijuana worker license.  Knowing the history, social impact, regulations, and medical benefits of marijuana can set a candidate apart as uniquely qualified.  Present professionally, not just enthusiastically.

Learn more about the growth of cannabis jobs in the infographic below:

The Cannabis Job Market