Can Blockchain Certificates Make a Difference During the Coronavirus Crisis?

More and more organizations turn to blockchain technology during the coronavirus crisis. Birmingham City Business School is the latest to throw its hat into the ring through blockchain certificates.

There are seemingly many use cases for blockchain technology during this time of crisis.

Blockchain Certificates During the Coronavirus

The viability of these efforts still remains in question, however. 

If the Birmingham City Business School is to be believed, the coronavirus and blockchain can go together quite well.

The group is currently trialing blockchain-based certificates to manage COVID-19 risks across supply chains.

While it is evident that something needs to change, these certificates may not make a direct impact.

The Coronavirus Clearance Certificate, or CCC, is issued by the TTPF in the UK.

Through this certificate, organizations, citizens, and products will be deemed “appropriate” during the COVID-19 situation.

Compliance and ethical practices during times like these are crucial at all times.

More transparency is required on the suppliers’ end, thus these certificates can make a difference eventually.

It remains to be seen who will effectively adopt these certificates, however. 

Issuing them is only part of the story, as they need to be adopted first and foremost.

Which supplies will embrace this concept, has yet to be determined.