Bulleon launches first ever decentralized ICO for Bulleon token (BLN)

Bulleon, a universal Digital asset Sphere, is organizing a decentralized ICO. During this ICO, their own token, the Bulleon (BLN) will be sold in ten phases.

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The Bulleon cryptocurrency platform is designed to make trading easier and more simple. Eventually, Bulleon wants to create a safe and above all a practical digital asset that is both clear and easy to use, as well as attractive. The aim of the digital asset platform is to provide its users with a strong, concept-driven cryptocurrency. Users of the platform can quickly see profits and gains, to get all the possible benefits, without the extra effort.

During each phase, 760,000 BLN will be sold for a fixed price. Only when all the BLN in a phase are sold out, the next phase starts. Each phase, the price of the BLN is going up. So each phase, you will get less BLN per Ethereum (ETH; table 1).

Table 1. Phase structure of the Bulleon ICO sale

The Bulleon ICO is unique in its kind. Even though it has the same structure as other ICO’s, it is different from them, in that the people behind Bulleon decided to use a different approach to fund their ICO sale. Normally, there would also be a pre-sale. During this private sale, a big portion of the tokens would already be sold to large investors at a relatively low price. Regular investors would therefore pay more for a token than large, wealthy investors would.

Bulleon choose a different approach for its ICO. This way, smaller investors can already participate in an earlier stage. This system, where all the tokens are available for everybody in the market, right from the beginning, is a decentralized ICO. This has never been done before. Bulleon is the first platform in the world to give everybody, regardless of power, wealth or size of the contribution, an equal opportunity. Doing this, Bulleon tries to revolutionize the way of financial interactions.

The earlier in the ICO you will buy tokens, the higher your returns on investment will be (figure 1). Therefore, everybody is invited to join the ICO in one of the initial stages. The funds of the sold tokens will all be used to make Bulleon stronger, by investing on marketing, core development and services among others. Moreover, 80% of surplus funds (ETH) will be distributed to the top 25% in total ownership percentage in relation to the total surplus of funds.


The BLN is a shareholder’s certificate with voting rights and the right to receive dividents from Bulleon’s operating income. Check out the website of Bulleon on https://bulleon.io for more information or check out this ongoing ICO on https://bulleon.io/#ico or https://medium.com/@Bulleon_net/bulleon-decentralized-ico-24e2cc8b8f65.