BTCjam’s New Feature Makes Bitcoin Investments More User-Friendly

There is no way to deny that Bitcoin – while offering a massive technological potential – is first and foremost a currency to use. As you would come to expect from a currency, similar to what we see in the current financial world, there are plenty of things to do with it. However, not everyone has access to a currency, and sometimes you will try to look for a loan. This is no different in the world of Bitcoin, and BTCJam is one of the largest platforms in that sector.

BTCJam – Bitcoin Investing and Bitcoin Loans

Similar to traditional investment programs, BTCJam lets users invest their Bitcoin in order to gain an interest percentage on their deposit. By doing so, users protect themselves from Bitcoin price volatility, participate in peer-to-peer lending with a credit scoring, and are secure from any malicious entities trying to steal their digital wealth.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that your Bitcoin will be invested in some of dodgy penny stock, as your funds will be used to help other parties obtain a loan. Thanks to BTCJam’s Global Credit Score, risks for each borrower and every loan are carefully weighed before anything will happen with your funds. Do keep in mind that none of these schemes is 100% waterproof, although BTCJam’s repayment rate of roughly 90% is one of the most solid ones in the business.

In order to manage your investment, the golden rule of not putting all of your eggs in one basket applies here as well. Diversifying your portfolio across multiple loans reduces the damage done in case a repayment would not take place. But there is another rule of thumb to keep in mind : do your own research before fulfilling another user’s loan request.

A service such as the one offered by BTCJam would not be as big as it is today without community involvement. Have no fear, as you do not need any coding skills to be an active BTCJam community member. Rating your borrowers – a small task which is optional – can go a long way for both yourself and other like-minded investors.

Borrowers who want to make sure of BTCJam’s services are advised to verify their account before they are given the tools to create a loan request. Plus, verifying your account makes you eligible for lower interest rates and a higher chance of getting your listing funded by an investor. Combine that with the wide range of loan parameters to choose from, and you can see why this platform has become so popular in the Bitcoin sphere.

“Hide Invested” Feature

As is the case with any self-respecting Bitcoin business, continuous development is a key element in becoming successful. BTCJam acknowledges that by adding new features and tools at regular intervals. One of such features is called “Hide Invested”, which has been announced earlier today in their blog post.

A suggestion was made by one of their community members about having a feature that would “hide” loans that person has not already invested in. Due to some hard work by the BTCJam engineers, who should be applauded for their hard work, the “Hide Invested” feature was born, which effectively hides any loans you have already invested in. It just takes a small checkmark to activate, and you are all set.

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