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BTCC Plans Major Overhaul

A lot of cryptocurrency exchanges exist in this day and age. Not all of these trading platforms are created equal, as some suffer from outdated infrastructures. BTCC, one of the oldest trading platforms in this industry, is looking to upgrade its offerings in the near future. This is a positive development which will benefit all users in the long run.

A Major Overhaul for BTCC

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are familiar with the BTCC trading platform. It is one of the oldest cryptocurrency trading platforms still operating today and has never suffered irreparable damage. Even so, the platform is not perfect, and some big updates appear to be on the horizon.

A few days ago, BTCC announced it will launch an upgraded version of its trading platform very soon. The “new” platform will primarily focus on improved liquidity, speeding up deposits and withdrawals, and a few other changes. All of these upgrades will be well-received by the community, as they will make BTCC a lot more competitive.

These changes will also affect the other products and services offered by the company behind BTCC. Its mining pool and mobile wallet will benefit from a new user reward point system. It’s a bit unclear what this system entails exactly, although it seems there will be some giveaways taking place in the future. The points themselves will be usable across the entire ecosystem, although their purpose remains unknown.

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A company spokesperson explained this decision as follows:

BTCC’s exchange is backed by seven years of operational experience and has been optimized to include offline cold storage and SSL encrypted traffic to protect your digital assets. We take security very seriously and are proud of the fact that we have never been compromised.

With this longstanding trading platform about to become a lot more competitive, things will undoubtedly get very interesting. A lot of trading platforms have upgraded their infrastructures over the past few months. It is evident one of the world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchanges cannot be left behind in this regard.

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