Breadwallet Bitcoin Wallet Review

Breadwallet is the leading Bitcoin wallet for iOS users these days, as the solution has several features which make it quite appealing. Moreover, the number of iOS offerings in the mobile Bitcoin wallet space remains relatively limited to this very day. But some features need to be improved or added sooner rather than later.

Breadwallet Is Good But Lacks Security

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When downloading and installing a mobile Bitcoin wallet, every user will have their individual needs. Some people value security a lot more than others do, as novice users primarily focus on getting an app that lets them send and receive Bitcoin. Breadwallet is checking all of the boxes in this regard, as it does that job pretty well.

Moreover, the Breadwallet mobile Bitcoin wallet solution is a standalone client, meaning there is no server to use when sending or receiving transactions. Mobile users will be in full control of their funds at all times, and money will be accessible at all times. Definitely a plus, as far too many Bitcoin users seem more than willing to give up financial control.

Mobile Bitcoin wallets need to be lightweight and fast, as no one wants to wait around minutes – or even hours- ┬áto synchronize with the blockchain. Breadwallet uses the SPV mode to achieve this goal, resulting in direct synchronization with the network. Both novice and experienced users will benefit from this approach.

The source code of Breadwallet is open source, which lets anyone inspect the code base and make their own additions for personal use if they prefer to do so. This is where the mobile wallet solution lacks a few features, though, Then again, this depends entirely on the user itself, although in this day and age, certain things should be enabled by default.

Particularly where the security department is concerned, Breadwallet has some improvements to take into consideration. There is no support for multiisgnature – which is not a dealbreaker for most people – nor is there two-factor authentication built in. Especially this latter option is quite worrying, as Bitcoin users need to secure their funds by all means possible.

All in all, Breadwallet is the clear market leader among Bitcoin users on iOS. However, considering this solution has been available for quite some time, the lack of features and security settings could lead to its downfall in the end. There are other solutions available for iOS users, and they are worth checking out.

Website: Breadwallet on Itunes

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