BMW Develops Real-Life Flying Motorcycle Concept

Flying vehicles have always sparked the imagination of a lot of people. Until a few years ago, the concept seemed somewhat ludicrous, but a lot has changed ever since. BMW has recently unveiled their flying motorcycle concept, which looks absolutely amazing and scary at the same time. Interestingly enough, this concept came to fruition after the Lego Technic team built a prototype of how this flying motorcycle would look.

Flying Motorcycles Are A Real Thing, Sort Of

While most people still have to wrap their head around autonomous drones, various companies are taking things several steps further already. Lego Technic created a plastic model of a flying BMW motorcycle quite some time ago. Little did they know it would inspire the company to go out and develop a real-life version of this concept over the past few months.

Lego Technic is well known for their building kits that allow users to build multiple products. In this particular case, they developed a kit that would allow users to build a Hover Ride variant. At the time, it seemed like an intriguing concept that would help people dream up future flying vehicles. A motorcycle hovering above the asphalt without any wheels attached to it is quite intriguing, to say the least.

Leave it up to BMW’s design apartment to take these concepts and turn them into something real. The BMW Junior Company comprises of various young designers looking to hone their craft before they are promoted to work for the parent company. The Lego Hover Ride model caught their attention and they decided to see if it could be brought to life with real-life materials.

Building a full-scale flying motorcycle is quite an ambitious endeavor, considering it has never been tried before. While the BMW Junior Company was able to recreate the Lego Hover Ride in real life, they were unsuccessful in making it fly. Then again, it is still an impressive feat, all things considered.

It appears the technology to build these prototypes is readily available, yet the flying aspect still needs a bit of work. Considering how Dubai is planning to introduce flying drone taxis soon, it is not unlikely flying motorcycles will become a real thing in the future.Rest assured a lot of safety precautions will need to be introduced before such vehicles become available to consumers, though.

Earlier this week, the full-scale Hover Ride Design Concept made an appearance at LEGO World in Copenhagen. It is evident this project will attract a lot of attention from people all over the world moving forward. It is an excellent example of engineering ingenuity, even though it is incapable of taking to the skies right now. In a few years from now, however, the real-life Hover Ride Design Concept may be looked at as the initiative that kicked off the flying motorcycle revolution.

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