Blowing Expectations Away, Miracle Tele Decide to End Their Crowd Sale Early on the 15th of May

The telecommunications industry is controlled by monopolies where corporations neglect users experience for the seek in profits. As a result, companies are increasingly aggressive in their operations, especially toward customer retention – What we see now is that it is becoming more challenging for customers to get mobile plans without being tied to contracts for 12 to 24 months. In this light, consumers are seeking a solution to big business malpractice. Customers are turning towards decentralised startups that can offer individuals fairer services at competitive prices.

A Fresh Start

The innovative company Miracle Tele was formed in 2018 with the aim of revolutionizing the telecommunications industry, by stamping out harmful practices. After building a strong following with an active and engaged community of supporters, Miracle Tele launched a crowd sale to aid their growth, and can happily announce that the sale has raised over $15,500,000 for the project meaning their sale ends early on the 15th of May, 2019.

After the whopping success of their crowdsale, the team have more goals set in their sights. In 2020, the aim is to have their own blockchain with their telecommunication network fully integrated. Boasting sustainable growth of their blockchain telecom network, Miracle Tele have sold over 50,000,000 TELE tokens. Don’t miss out on the last chance to get these tokens in the crowd sale before it’s too late on the 15th of May and they go up on exchanges! (please insert link here to the ICO register link)

Great Project, Better People

Successful projects don’t just appear out of nowhere – they emerge from countless hours of hard work from incredibly talented individuals. The Miracle Tele team is comprised of talented individuals from various sectors including telecoms and blockchain. The company welcomed a new member to their project, Zia Word, creator of Chozum – an innovative travel ecosystem using blockchain. Word will offer her experience alongside CEO, Andrew Burciks, who has been involved in numerous projects over the years in Latvia introducing introducing blockchain technology to business practices. Miracle Tele features other prominent members including their CTO, “Under 30 CTO & Entrepreneur”, Aleksandar Djordjevic and COO, Sagar Bansal, who has experience with more than 5 ICOs and an IBM certification in blockchain.

Tokens & Dividends the TELE Way

Token holders can be happy to know that Miracle Tele pays 40% of their profits towards their TELE token holders every fortnight. TELE token investors will have the choice to use their tokens which can be paid out in Euros or to be traded on exchanges. At the moment, 5000 TELE tokens can rack in users an additional €147 per month.

Functioning like Proof-of-Stake, TELE is simple, and earning dividends is accessible to any token holder. Using the TELE app or website, users can use the ‘stacking’ system to choose what to do with their dividends.

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