Blockchain VR Leader ImmVRse Secures Partnership With Award-winning Security Firm Entersoft

Virtual Reality (VR) proponents ImmVRse have announced yet another partnership, this time with security firm Entersoft, as ImmVRse strengthens its bid to become one of the most recognized names in the VR and augmented reality (AR) industry.

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Entersoft is an award-winning global security outfit and will be given the task of helping ImmVRse address security concerns in its hyper-connected world.

Professional security for the blockchain

Cyber security firm, Entersoft, brings with it a host of skill sets and experience, having won recognition for their past work in protecting electronic data from illegal use through receiving multiple fintech awards. Its previous work includes collaborations with cyber intelligence and anti-phishing provider Segasec, helping multiple token sale campaigns worldwide to secure their crowdfunding activities.

Recognizing the sheer amount of financial value flowing into token generation events, ImmVRse has committed itself to protecting these potential investments in its own token sale, ensuring that all contributors will benefit from the highest levels of cyber security, courtesy of Segasex and Entersoft.

On the immediate front, all phishing sites and fraudulent activities will be actively detected, with Segasec homing in on, blocking, and removing all these sites, while monitoring and seeking out potential threats and neutralizing them before they have a chance to take place. With a range of effective plug ins, they will take down fake advertising and wallets, ensuring potential supporters are further protected from fraud.

ImmVRse chief information officer hoped that their proactive approach will nip the problem of scammers in the bud and provide extra assurance to contributors:

We aim to make security an absolute priority, however, as always, due diligence should always be taken to reduce potential further risks.”

Entersoft CEO Paul Kang expressed pleasure at the partnership, noting that scammers were now targeting token sales this year, with an average of ten token generation events falling victim to hacks each month:

Entersoft and Segasec together have helped a large number of companies with their TGE, launch tokens securely, and were successful in making sure they raised funds in a safe and secure manner.”

A partnership of leaders in their industries

With a growing list of over 300 clients in fintech, blockchain, healthcare and IoT, Entersoft seeks to help customers reach a high application security quotient and fosters a culture of proactive app security with developers.

The development team leading ImmVRse carry a wealth of experience within the VR industry, with a diverse range of talents in process specialization, infrastructure and blockchain development, marketing and HR and stand ready to disrupt the industry of VR and AR with their new blockchain solution.

This latest collaboration for top-notch security is the latest in its strategy of partnering with relevant aspects of blockchain, including recent ones with leading universities and research institutions.

To learn more about ImmVRse and their revolutionary solution for VR development, visit their website and read the technical details in their whitepaper. Join the discussions with the team on Telegram or read the community thread on Bitcointalk.