Blockchain Technology Brings Loyalty Programs To Mobile Payment Merchants

More loyalty programs based on blockchain technology are never a bad thing. Boloro, a well-known international mobile payment processor, has opted to work with’s blockchain=based loyalty platform. Doing so will bring loyalty programs to Boloro’s merchant partners, which can be found in 15 different countries by the end of 2016.

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Blockchain Loyalty Programs With Blockchain

Bitcoin community members will know the platform, as this is one of the most popular services offering a loyalty program based on blockchain technology. In addition, employs smart contracts into their products offering, ensuring that all transactions are executed when certain conditions are met.

This type of service has not gone by unnoticed, and Boloro will be a very strategic partner to bring blockchain technology solutions to businesses and mainstream consumers alike. All of the merchants using Boloro as a mobile payment process can offer their own branded rewards programs, which will all make use of’s blockchain technology.

One thing consumers all over the world are craving for is transparent loyalty programs, allowing them to check their balances at any given time, without too much hassle. Bringing such a solution to mobile devices is the proper way to go about it, as everyone has, at least, one mobile device at their disposal in this day and age.

Boloro CEO & President Ann Camarillo stated:

“We wanted a way to further differentiate ourselves as we enter new markets while at the same time help merchants in our network improve their revenues and customer loyalty. Adding’s revolutionary loyalty element to our mobile payments offering is the perfect fit.” And M-PaymentsTheMerkle_Boloro Blockchain

Due to this partnership between Boloro and, the former can offer something unique that no one else in the m-payment sector can. By giving the merchants an accessible way to create loyalty programs for their individual brands, combined with dynamic redemption networks, blockchain technology is the proper solution for the mobile payment sector moving forward.

Not to mention, this type of blockchain=based loyalty program comes at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional solutions. Plus, the system can be made far more transparent than ever before, which is something consumers will value tremendously. Boloro is just the first of many companies realizing the potential blockchain technology has to offer, but they certainly won’t be the last.

Source: AC Newswire

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