Blockchain Takes Over Healthcare – Hospital Visits Become Less Exhausting

The digital world is being introduced to various applications: some are similar in nature while others are different and innovative. A new addition to the latter has arrived, one that uses blockchain technology to transform the healthcare sector.

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The whole world agrees that health facilities should be available for everyone at any time. But before a patient can be treated, their medical record must be provided to the doctors. In addition to that, if payment is delayed, then further procedures are discontinued. In such situations, wasting one second could be a matter of life and death, and so there needs to be a solution that works faster than the existing paperwork. Optimizing healthcare also ensures that a medical professional can devote more time to save another life or work on important research.

Healthureum, an Estonian based company, plans on solving such medical problems by combining healthcare and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The outcome would provide transparency and accessibility to save time, and hence save people.

Planning a medical checkup? Set aside a bunch of hours

Let’s be honest, visiting a hospital, and trying to fill out personal information while making sure you have enough money to cover the visit is the last thing a sick person should worry about. Whether it’s an emergency or a common illness, you must go through the same process every time. Electronic Health Records (EHR) are not helpful either – they are extremely expensive, and fail in terms of interoperability. They are also not secure, and are known to be stolen and sold on the Dark Web.

This is exactly where Healthureum sweeps in and takes up the baton. If your medical history is entered into a private blockchain, only you can allow someone to access it. Through Healthureum, emergency units can access critical information and treat you as quickly as possible. Due to standardization, even if you get transferred to another hospital, they can easily view the latest medical data. Moreover, you can consult doctors and get referrals while sitting at home, as long as both users have access to Healthureum.

Keeping up with the expenses and programs

There are many risks and fraud involved when it comes to monitoring infrastructure and research programs. So instead of relying on Excel sheets, Healthureum will import medical equipment checklists and pending hospital updates to their Ethereum platform. Researching trials and treatments will become easier, and fraudulent activities will be eliminated due to the transparency provided by blockchain. If a patient prefers to keep their name private, then their medical information will be shared anonymously. This would encourage more people to take part in volunteering for research on critical diseases such as Cancer and HIV AIDs.

People are now looking for ways to give back to the society using blockchain, such as applications that focus on green energy, or funds set up by philanthropists. Healthureum uses this idea to incorporate another feature: allow people to contribute towards healthcare. Some organizations use these funds to fill their pockets. But you don’t need to worry about your donations on Healthureum, data can’t be overwritten on a blockchain.

Making healthcare more efficient

Healthureum promises to disrupt the healthcare sector in a simple sentence: “Your Data, Your Doctor, Your Way”. The business model presented by the company offers solutions for patients, doctors and hospitals.

The pre-sale of their HTH token used on the platform has ended successfully. Healthureum was able to achieve the target of acquiring $4.4 million coins within 2 days. If you missed this opportunity, then you should mark your calendars for the official ICO launch on February 26th, 2018. It will run until April 1st and users investing on the first day of the sale will receive a 22% bonus.