Blockchain Startup EthereCash Announce Peerless Crypto-Platform Set to Take on the Global Banking Industry

For many, the services provided by the current financial industry are sub-par in their attempts to bounce back from the financial crisis of 2008. Since then, there has been a justified and politically-mounted backlash against the financial industry which is struggling to make any lasting impact.

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The damage has been done, by provoking and instigating uncertainty and distrust across the global community, and by this method is creating a vacuum for a solution to emerge.Blockchain technologies are looking to fill this void, with technology scaling to meet the requirements of the modern financial ecosystem.

Since the financial crisis, money lending and the availability of credit have taken massive blows, seizing up opportunities for those in need of finance. The impact of the crash has made Blockchain developers reconsider their approach, and one such developer in particular has come back with a pragmatic answer to the problem.

Etherecash, a Blockchain technology start-up, have developed a platform for sending, spending and lending money through mutual terms, secured by a Ethereum smart contract and backed by the platform users’ crypto assets.With their crypto debit card, Etherecash offers a world-first in a card that can hold multiple cryptocurrencies for use abroad, in shops, with ATM withdrawals and more; just like a regular debit card, but powered with all the faster cheaper, and more secure advantages that blockchain and cryptocurrencies bring. Users can also transfer money worldwide with Etherecash, thanks to the decentralized nature of the Blockchain.

The true genius that lays in the Etherecash platform is its Peer-To-Peer (P2P) lending.

Etherecash has designed a system where users can lend to borrowers through borderless transactions, providing loans from wherever they are to those in need whilst providing generously higher returns as opposed to typical bank rates. Borrowers and lenders alike can enjoy a mutually beneficial deal across the Ethereum based network; those seeking loans are able to receive financing by using their own crypto as collateral, allowing them to borrow up to 70 – 80 percent of their own crypto value without needing to liquidate any assets.

Investors / Lenders have the option to fund all or part of a loan, diversifying their potential market reach, spreading risk across borrowers and benefitting from the attractive interest rates offered to their borrowers who are able to shop around and compare across the competitive lender base.

Similarly, the returns available to lenders are made far more attractive than typical bank deposit rates keeping all parties involved satisfied; platform facilitators also earn fees for providing the connection between lenders and borrowers through a fair and transparent network.

EthereCash ICO

To fund the ongoing development of the platform, Etherecash have began with the main ICO l, which started 15th November 2017, and ends on the 19th December. They are offering their ERC20 native token to the public and are offering some generous bonuses for contributions to their ICO at early stages. With 360,000,000 total tokens in supply, the ICO will offer 144,000,000 of the total, with early adoption incentivised through a generous ICO bonus structure:

Up to 15th November – 15%

Week One – 12%

Week Two – 10%

Week Three – 5%

Week Four – 3%

Week Five – 0%

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