Blockchain Startup DataBroker DAO Have Revamped the Platform Ahead of Token Pre-Sale

Any device that can be connected to the internet can relay data between itself, marketers, servers, telecom companies, other devices and so on. These devices are sensors that make up the Internet of Things (IoT), it is a gigantic industry that leverages the value of sensor data for personal, academic or industry-specific purposes. This industry estimated to be worth $1.2 Trillion USD by 2019, making sensor data one of the most valuable resources on the planet.

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Untapped Potential

While industries scramble to implement IoT sensor data equipment and software, they are all coming up against a particularly annoying issue that almost contradicts the purpose of the IoT as a whole.Individuals and organisations who tend to use IoT sensor data, use it singularly, meaning that data collected by them is stored by them and held only by them and available when they decide to share.

Data Silos and walled gardens are preventing the IoT sensor data market from achieving its real potential. Blockchain startup DataBroker DAO make the estimation that 10% of this sensor data collected is reserved, which in 2019 is $120 Billion USD of untapped sensor data. Sensor data informs marketers on the purchasing habits of their consumers, or it can alert a vendor to restock their Coke Cola machines, and IoT sensor data can even save lives.  

DataBroker DAO Marketplace V2.0

If the industry took a moment to step outside of their conservative approach to IoT sensor data silos, then the mutually beneficial facets of the IoT can be realised. Healthcare, Governments, Industries, Academics and the individual can all reap the rewards. DataBroker DAO is committing to opening up these floodgates by creating a Blockchain based IoT sensor data marketplace, where users of all size and influence can buy and sell their sensor data in a decentralised transparent space.

DataBroker 2.0

The company recently announced that they had been taking on feedback from their Token Holders, Alliance Members and potential customers, and something of importance had to be addressed. How can they provide authentic usable data? This feedback caused DataBroker DAO to revamp the whole platform from the ground up and bring out the “Discovery Release”. This release brings about the necessary attributes required for a trustworthy marketplace of information with its “token curated registry” for data which stakes their native token DTX on data.

They have also added a range of new sensors in Belgium which behave interface to find and browse data built on the curated registry. Furthermore, the update brings a new DApp (Decentralised Application) to the platform that focuses on discovering new and exciting data sets.

DTX Token Generation Pre-Sale

Databroker DAO have done all this just before their token Pre-Sale which begins March 19th, 2018 – 4pm CET. Their ERC20 compliant token will be available at a rate of 1 ETH = 4000 DTX (Minimum contribution during the Pre-Sale is 10 ETH), with a 50% bonus available for Pre-Sale participants (2000 additional DTX per 1 ETH).

Head on over to the DataBroker DAO official website to find out more.