Blockchain Startup CoinMetro Enlist New Advisory Team Alongside Partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz

Blockchain startup CoinMetro has announced a new team of advisors to spearhead their future progress, alongside a key partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz. The move was pursued by CoinMetro to continue the company’s industry advancements, with the founders enlisting a solid team of advisors to progress the quality of their services.

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CoinMetro TGE Event

The CoinMetro TGE (Token Generation Event) was a headline creator, raising 4 Million USD within 12 hours of going live. To date, CoinMetro’s platform has recorded over 6,300 individual contributors. Levels of support to this extent highlight the potential that many have seen in the company. To ensure these high expectations are met, the CoinMetro team have taken on a new roster of advisors, alongside the BPRB partnership.

Enlisted Advisors

Jarno Limnéll, the former Director of Cyber Security at McAfee and StoneSoft has joined CoinMetro in an advisory capacity to assist with the platforms cyber-security. As well as experience leading digital security protocols at the enterprise level, Jarno has a history in academia. Previously he has worked as a Professor of Cyber Security at Aalto University in Finland. Cyber security is an issue all blockchain networks face, in part due to the autonomous nature of crypto trading. With experience such as Jarno has in the mainstream industry, CoinMetro is ensuring security is enlisted as a top priority.

Danny de Geir has also joined CoinMetro in a similar role. Danny is a Financial Crimes/AML/Sanctions expert who holds 10 years of IT industry experience. His previous job roles have entailed over 15 years tackling Money-Laundering, Sanctions and working in the Financial Crime Compliance field, including time spent working for IBM. With an international background, Danny has worked in senior compliance roles at several major global financial institutions including HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland and ABN Amro.

Arjun Arora’s advisory experience has specialized in digital transformation and marketing strategies. The past four years have seen Arjun working with Google on their London-based business team, as part of Google’s Top Tier programme. His resume lists him as Google UK’s number 1 business development manager for every quarter over the past three years, as he brought in circa $1 Million+ per quarter of net new business revenue. His role with CoinMetro will be focused on applying these business strategies to the crypto platform, developing the user base and increasing revenue.

Bitcoin PR Buzz Partnership

As well as taking on these experienced advisors, CoinMetro has announced an official partnership with the world’s first Blockchain PR company, Bitcoin PR  Buzz. Their past coverage has included some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry, including UTRUST, ARK, LISK, and LUX. Bitcoin PR Buzz currently holds over 500 clients, with the benefit of articles translated internationally across websites in Spain, Brazil, Arabia, Indonesia and Latin America.

About CoinMetro

CoinMetro champion the objective of integrating blockchain technology with the workings of the traditional economy. By pursuing licensing in crypto-friendly regions, the startup aims to provide easy access to fiat deposits and withdrawals in conjunction with the users crypto holdings. The platform developed by CoinMetro is a testament to their commitment to providing a user-friendly interface, while assimilating traditional banking to pursue their goal of a combined economy.