Blockchain Projects Bring More Attention to the Coronavirus Crisis

As the coronavirus crisis continues to dominate everyday life, it is crucial to recap efforts underway to address the situation. In the blockchain space, there are multiple efforts underway, highlighting the potential of this technology.

It is interesting to see how blockchain technology can be beneficial during the coronavirus crisis.

Using Blockchain During the Coronavirus Crisis

Although it remains to be seen if these projects can make a difference, the different approaches are intriguing.

In terms of donations, it is evident that blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be beneficial.

Several donation options leverage the blockchain to make this happen.

The covid19.crypto domain is a very interesting project in that regard.

It gives enthusiasts an option to use different crypto assets and donate directly to non-profits involved in the coronavirus crisis.

There is even a poker tournament dedicated to raising money for this pandemic.

Consensys is even hosting a virtual hackathon, which can lead to more blockchain ventures pertaining to the coronavirus crisis.

All of these projects bring more attention to this global pandemic and how it continues to affect the Earth’s population.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that any blockchain project will result in a coronavirus vaccine.

Even so, it is still very interesting to see how different projects and individuals are trying to do their part.

All of these ventures deserve to be applauded in their own regard.