Blockchain P2P Lending, Sending, and Spending: Etherecash Garners Support From Over 40,000 Contributors During Pre-ICO

Only a couple weeks removed from its launch, Etherecash is already calling its token sale a smashing success, as more than 40,000 people have contributed to the sale, an impressive feat considering there’s still a little over 3 weeks left before it ends.

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This is more than enough time to significantly add to an already successful token sale campaign, that has followed an important appearance at the World Blockchain Summit as well as a lively Pre-ICO.

The team is hoping that they’re one step closer to their vision of revolutionizing the financial industry with the funds they have raised during their ICO — a vision that includes serving the 2 billion people around the world that consider themselves either unbanked or underbanked

The Idea behind the platform is the creation of a decentralized medium that facilitates peer-to-peer loans backed solely by a user’s crypto wealth. This concept is intended to replace some roles of a traditional bank, alleviating barriers-to-entry in the process.

Thus, people currently unable to access financing or financial services like lending will be given the chance without the tedious step of setting up a bank account. Furthermore, P2P loans are backed by the borrower’s own crypto-wealth, allowing them to borrow up to 80% of their wallet’s value.

Additionally, global money transfers via the blockchain will also be a benefit of the platform, with blockchain technology providing financial strengths that traditional banks lack with its instant, anonymous, secure and cheap money transfers.

On top of this, once Etherecash’s proposed crypto debit card is available, users will also be able to store multiple types of cryptocurrency on it. This should improve their crypto’s fungibility, as it could be used wherever traditional cards are accepted.

The Etherecash Team

Etherecash envision themselves as a “bunch of strange individuals”  that all seemingly have a mutual hatred for traditional bank fees. The team includes veteran stock trader Jacky Thanh Ly as CEO, former MMRM CEO Miguel Aguirre as COO,  IT Engineer, Silvan Gebhardt and mentors who advise from positions and fields of strategic investment, financial advisors, cryptocurrency Attorneys, and  fintech Entrepreneurs.

“We’re going forward with bringing the future of banking to the masses and think the world should know just how proud we are”

The team is inviting investors and crypto enthusiasts alike to come along for the journey and take part in the ICO as it enters its third week.

About the ICO:

Based on the Ethereum standard token ERC20, purchasable with Bitcoin or Ethereum, the exciting ICO Launch began 15th November, 2017 – Ending December 19th, 2017.

With a supply of 360,000,000 Tokens and an ICO supply of 144,000,000, early adopters can take advantage of an incentivising ICO bonus structure:

Main ICO Bonus:

15th November – 15%

Week One – 12%

Week Two – 10%

Week Three – 5%

Week Four – 3%

Week Five – 0%

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