Blockchain Outfit Orbs Launches a new Coronavirus “Challenge” app

As more and more people remain forced to spend time in self-quarantine, it becomes pertinent to find something new to do. Orbs, an Israeli blockchain firm, is looking to “gamify” quarantine through its new application.

The coronavirus lockdown and self-quarantine is far from over in most countries around the world.

A new Coronavirus Challenge of Sorts

While most people have grown accustomed to the situation, there is a need for new and fun things to do.

Israeli blockchain startup Orbs may have come up with a viable solution.

Its newly launched application is designed to encourage people to stay at home.

Known as Stay at Home Challenge, it tracks a user’s movement and issues warnings if they leave the home area.

Users can share their progress – in terms of staying at home – with friends and family, which makes for an interesting option.

Some people may find this app intrusive, as it collects people’s movements and activities, of sorts.

Orbs claims that no personal data is gathered, nor will any information be sold to third-party advertisers.

For now, the app is only available on the Google Play Store in Israel, with an iOS version to follow soon.

Gamification of the coronavirus quarantine is crucial to ensure people follow these basic instructions well.