Blockchain Mass Adoption Platform ARK Announces ARK CON: First Official Meetup in University of Geneva

Blockchain adoption for the masses requires bold initiatives focusing on innovation and building of faster, more economic Blockchain ecosystems. For this purpose, different tactics are being used keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the Blockchain and decentralization world.

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Whilst programmable blockchains like Ethereum, Stratis, and NEO have given us the tools to program the Blockchain effectively, the truth is that these networks are not fully tailor-made for the end user and thus they are not readily deployable and usable for the masses.

Announcing ARK Con

ARK is an end-to-end Blockchain development solution. It uses a spidercase network of virtually unlimited user-cases to enable incredible scalability, flexibility and adaptability that will expedite “Blockchain for the masses” initiative. For this purpose, ARK is a conducting a Blockchain Conference in University of Geneva, Switzerland.

The first phase of ARK CON will take place on the 21st of March 2018 at the University of Geneva, and will be a commemoration of the first year anniversary of the ARK Mainnet and attended by company personnel only.

The second phase of ARK CON will continue in Archamps, France which is located near Geneva and that is where a major part of the activity will take place. It will bring together a wide range of participants from the Blockchain space including industry influencers, economists (not the ones always bleak about the future of cryptocurrencies!) as well as the core ARK team and associates and even government officials from Switzerland and France who believe in the future of decentralization and the power of blockchain.

When: March 22nd, 2018, 9:30 am — 5:00 pm

Where: Archamps Technopole, 92 rue Ada Byron, 74160 Archamps, France

Jeremy Epstein to Join ARK CON

Jeremy Epstein is a new addition to the event and he will bring a strong reputation of marketing in the Blockchain space to the table. The event itself is open to the public but only limited seats are available due to the big guest list and packed centres. Only 100 overall tickets will be up for grabs for Blockchain and Bitcoin enthusiasts

ARK Con Agenda

The agenda of the meeting will include the future of the ARK project and assessing its roadmap for 2018. Since the French government is giving unwavering support to the ARK initiative, the future of Blockchain in France will also be under discussion.

ARK ambassadors will also deliberate on how to make the European nation a pro-blockchain nation and the destination of all Blockchain startups around the world as part of their President Emmanuel Macron’s initiative to introduce futuristic technologies in the country.

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