Blockchain London Conference Ticket Prices Reach Ridiculous Highs

When it comes to attending a Bitcoin or blockchain conference, London seems to be the place these days. That is, assuming one can pay the fee associated with attending these events, as conferences in London are notorious for their high ticket price. The upcoming Blockchain London conference is no different, as the prices range between expensive and ludicrous.

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Blockchain London Conference Not Worth The Value?

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Attending a two-day – or longer – Bitcoin conference is always rather expensive, as most of these events include a hot lunch and all the beverages one can stomach. Furthermore, there is a list of speakers who need to be flown across the world and put in comfortable hotels, all of which is paid for by the attendees.

That being said, some of these Bitcoin events are selling tickets in exchange for ludicrous amounts these days. Take the upcoming Blockchain London conference, for example, where ticket prices range anywhere from 465 GBP to 2,495 GBP. Do keep in mind these prices do not include taxes, and the total amount will be even higher.

Assuming the speakers would be worth the money, hardly anyone would complain about these rather steep prices. However, many people in the Bitcoin space feel this event will offer nothing spectacular, as the list of speakers is far from impressive. In fact, Jon Matonis is the only speaker who works in the Bitcoin industry.

So who is invited to fill the rest of this event, you may ask? Representatives of various altcoins and Bitcoin 2.0 projects will be giving a presentation during this conference. For those interested in Ripple, SETL, Ethereum, or the Digital Currency Association in general, will get some bang for their buck at last.

What makes these ticket prices even worse, is how the conference only runs for one day. Furthermore, throughout the day, there will only be five and a half hours during which presentations are planned. Even though networking is an important part of any Bitcoin event, attendees will be paying upwards of 100 GBP per hour of presentations.

It goes without saying this event is rather intriguing, to say the least. With only four blockchain startups presenting their ideas and concepts to the attendees, there is very little reason for anyone to attend this event today. That being said, Blockchain London Con will have drawn somewhat of a crowd for sure, and those who attended will have to make the most out of it.

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