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Even though remains one of the most popular Bitcoin wallet solutions available today, the service has been plagued by a variety of issues over the past year or so. Ranging from website outages to complete inaccessibility, just can’t seem to cope with the demand for their services. Earlier today, their block explorer was not functioning properly, raising the question as to whether or not something had happened to the Bitcoin network.

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Many people see as the actual blockchain powering the Bitcoin network. Because the transactions are broadcasted in real-time, people rely on this platform more often than not. In a way, one could say has become the centralized solution for checking the Bitcoin blockchain and its transactions.

Whenever the service goes down all of a sudden, novice users, tend to panic, as they are worried the entire blockchain has gone offline. It is important to keep in mind that the Bitcoin blockchain is not a website, as only serves as a graphical interpretation of the actions taken place on the Bitcoin network at any given time.

Furthermore, the company has become one of the leading mobile Bitcoin wallet providers. Unfortunately, that part of their services will also go down if something occurs to the primary site, as both tools extract their data from the same sources. Over the past year or so, users have been complaining about delays and downtime when using the mobile wallet solution, although most of these issues were fixed rather quickly.

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This is one of the downsides when using a mobile wallet that needs to remain online if users want to spend their bitcoins Other services, such as Airbitz for example, can be used at any given time even when the company servers would all go offline. Other popular mobile Bitcoin wallets, including Breadwallet and Mycelium, provide a similar feature and put the end user in full control of their funds at all times.

Today’s brief issue was resolved rather quickly, although the block explorer was lagging behind by several blocks. In this day and age of the block size debate and competing solutions, people tend to think the worst. Luckily, the Bitcoin network did not fork, and everything is back to normal now. But at the same time, the issues need to be prevented, rather than addressed when they arise.

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