Blockchain in Construction: BitRent Opens New Horizons for Investors

Blockchain platform BitRent announced a revolutionary solution in the area of new-built property: commercial and residential property shared investing at an early stage of construction and total control over construction process in real time by means of modules and structures chipping. The company operates on blockchain technology and smart-contracts protocol. BitRent platform’s mission is to make real estate investing easy, transparent and profitable all over the world.

These days leading companies monitor construction processes basically in manual way, which results in slowdown in the process and working cost rise. BitRent platform enables solving these issues by applying a symbiosis of the following technologies—BIM open modeling, computer aided monitoring at all stages using RFID chips, green standards as well as open opportunity of share participation in the most promising commercial and residential properties at early construction stages using cryptocurrency.

BitRent makes investing in commercial and residential shared-equity construction a clear, transparent and predictable process for common users worldwide with the use of smart-contracts.

Blockchain’s decentralized system gives the opportunity for companies not only to control construction processes in a better way, but also to reduce transaction expenses of investing in shared-equity construction. Everyone at BitRent believes that this platform will change the status quo for blockchain technology in the area of new-built property investment. All technologies introduced by the company are meant to ultimately change the way constructions and investments are treated.

BitRent creates the world of affordable real estate

Blockchain platform facilitates monitoring of commercial and residential property construction. BitRent entitles investors from across the world to take part in shared-equity construction at any stage and makes it possible to receive highly-profitable dividends.

Investors are able to:

  1. Invest any amounts of money in real estate without minimum entry threshold.
  2. Control construction process in online mode.
  3. Receive dividends upon completion of construction/commissioning of a facility.
  4. Monitor a project up to both its dismantling and complete module disposal.
  5. Receive data on free area or items of commercial property.

Total online control over building

BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology will be actively applied during construction of new projects. This technology optimizes construction and maintenance processes allowing all participants to monitor a project at any stage—from architect’s free-hand sketches to maintenance operations of finished buildings and structures disposal.

BIM collects and processes architectural, engineering, technological and economic information on construction. The building itself and all related structures are viewed as one undivided unit. The user receives a 3D model that can be easily monitored via smartphone. Besides that, all 3D model changes are within your finger’s reach.

As early as the design stage, an investor will be able to see how profitable a building may be within shared-equity construction. It is said that real estate items, having self-generated power supplies, heating and water, are regarded as both profitable and promising.

In years to come all real estate items will be adapted to specific climate conditions. Houses that do not comply with environmental safety requirements will go down in value. Besides, such buildings risk to be left without any communication means in the course of natural disasters. BIM technology will prevent investors from buying such areas.

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Blockchain investing in real estate

BitRent issues tokens whose holders are entitled to equity participation and right to possess property published on the platform.

“We aim to make real estate world better, technologically simpler and greener. This will help to reduce both resources consumption and CO2 emission intensity, thus, creating favorable conditions for EE (Energy Efficiency), shared-equity construction and property capitalization all over the world via cryptoeconomics,” they say at BitRent. “We strive for changing real estate world market and rising capitalization of cryptocurrency to $10 trillion.”


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