Blockchain Gaming Solution TriForce Tokens Pre-sale Started February 20th, 2018

Having completed a series of significant partnerships to strengthen its mission to unify the gaming universe and foster gaming development through a blockchain-based ecosystem, TriForce Tokens have a pre-sale that will run from February 20th at 12.30pm UTC to March 6th, 2018, offering a 25% discount to all participants.

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Allied Efforts

TriForce Tokens have been working round the clock to augment its talented core development with strategic partnerships that will ensure not only a technologically sound product, but a conducive business structure and long-term viability. These partnerships include an impressive line up of representatives from relevant industries as their advisors, including former Counter-Strike world champion Danny ‘fRoD’ Montaner, premier Latin-American gaming publisher Busca Todo, renowned venture capitalist David Drake and leading business academics at UK’s Coventry University Enterprises Ltd.

Eager to gain legitimization, it has also partnered up with industry advocates, securing full membership with TIGA, the UK-based games and publisher network and trade association and corporate membership of the Swiss government-supported Crypto Valley Association incubator. It is also in the midst of an ongoing IP audit for technology and brand with the UK government’s Innovate UK. Alongside these partnerships, TriForce Tokens has been finalizing its Know-Your-Client (KYC) process and securing its whitelisting methodology to ensure seamless participation from all gaming and crypto enthusiasts.

The TriForce Tokens Solution to a Fragmented, Stagnant Gaming Industry

TriForce Tokens directs its solution at the persistent problems of the industry, especially in the interests of gaming communities and independent developers. Its global gaming network will empower players with revenue generation options, a social center plugged in to the global gaming community, and a unique reward and honor system that incentivizes players while they play the games they love.

With one ecosystem connecting every network, players can amass digital wealth and build their personal empire online, without worrying about abandoning their precious investments of effort and time on any game. For developers, TriForce Tokens’ cross-platform communication is platform- and game-agnostic, meaning that developers can quickly deploy features to any gamer playing any game on any platform, allowing them access to P2P trading, peer ranking, tournaments and tasks.

Because TriForce Tokens is transparent, communities will be encouraged to be more ethical, safe and happy, ultimately realizing that collaboration results in mutual benefit. Because it allows for big data and behavioral analysis for deep player insights, developers have more options to provide more unique experiences to mitigate player attrition. With its authentication network working to minimize piracy, as well as retrieve lost revenue, developers can recapture revenue previously lost through centralization.

The TriForce Tokens (FORCE) Pre-sale

The two-week pre-sale launchesd on February 20th, 2018 at 12.30pm UTC, during which all contributors will receive a 25% discount on purchases. FORCE tokens are sold at a base rate of 1 ETH = 6,000 FORCE during the course of the entire crowd funding campaign, regardless of currency used. 75% of the total supply of 2 million FORCE tokens will be available for purchase, with any unsold tokens destroyed once the general token sale concludes.

All funds raised are managed through a portal hosted on the official website encrypted by SHA256 SSL. The token sale will benefit from Cloudflare’s DDOS protection, firewalls and server access policies to safeguard participants’ privacy and security.

Pre-sale participants are entitled to a starting 25% discount on all token purchases and will be on a priority list during token distribution. Discounts are supply-based and will decrease as the tokens are bought up, essentially rewarding the best discounts to the earliest participants. All interested participants should first register for a whitelist.

To learn more about TriForce Tokens, visit the website and read the whitepaper. Their development team is available on Telegram and publish regular updates on Twitter and Facebook.