Blockchain Gaming Platform TriForce Tokens Supported by Coventry University Enterprise, Pre ICO 14th October

UK-Based Blockchain gaming solutions start-up TriForce Tokens has announced it has partnered with Coventry University Enterprises Ltd for business cooperation, while initiating an IP audit with the UK government’s Innovate UK for its technology and brand. TriForce also has long-term membership with integral Industry leader TIGA, and the Crypto Valley Association in Switzerland.

The platform is currently in Early Alpha for both players and gamers, and is aiming to provide the online gaming community with decentralized P2P trading, anti-piracy protection, and the world’s first honorary rewards system.

TriForce Tokens Early Alpha Platform Screenshot:

This year the number of online gamers has exploded to in excess of 2.2 billion, with an estimated annual industry revenue of over $100 billion. Despite this exponential growth the market, there is an increasingly evident lack of support for the growth of Indie game development and piracy protection for all parties involved. Triforce Tokens development team and dedicated to providing the gaming community with a real, blockchain-based solution for the ongoing issues currently plaguing this multi-billion-dollar industry.

The online gaming market surpassed that of the film industry in terms of revenue some years ago, and continuing in this upward, in many ways it is struggling to keep up with that growth. At it’s current rate of 6% annual growth, modest projections put the online gaming market at at a value of an astounding $128.5 billion dollars by 2020.

The recent evolution of console, PC, and mobile gaming platforms has broken new ground, offering smaller, ‘Indie’ development companies and individuals the freedom to reach an audience of over 2 billion online gamers. With such a huge change in any industry there are always going to be some growing pains, and the aggressive expansion of the online gaming industry has resulted in an over-complication of the processes like game production, monetization, marketing, player reach, and retention; especially for Indie game developers.

TriForce Tokens decentralized gaming infrastructure aims disrupt the online gaming Industry, addressing the current barriers of market entry for thousands of Independent game developers who are struggling to produce high quality games, with stringent timeframes, limited resources, smaller budgets and massive marketing costs. This new platform will offer such developers a chance to swiftly and efficiently release typical features across any platform or game. This will extend to multiplayer titles, tournaments, p2p trading and peer ranking systems.

Rather than trying to replace the existing revenue stream, TriForce Tokens is aiming to expand on the so far unexplored revenue streams and connect an ecosystem that financially benefits users of all platform’s. Users will be able to use TriForce Tokens to trade with other gamers or earn them as rewards for competition, as a part of the platform’s honorary reward system. Developers will be able to compensate players with TFT, for completing tasks and charge their own fees for P2P transactions.

TriForce Tokens will create a level of transparency which will foster safe and ethical communities, in which its unique honour system can identify users for potential collaboration and assistance for other players. The systems honour profiles enable complete transparency to fight fraud and other negative aspects of the industry.

To tackle the issue of player retention, TriForce Tokens will help developers to provide a completely unique gaming experience, through the implementation of big data and behavioural analysis to offer deep player insights. The platform’s blockchain solution also guarantees an authentication network, which will assist developers in limiting piracy concerns, and allowing them to retrieve some revenue from pirated content.

Strategic industry organizations for long-term positioning

TriForce Tokens has forged several crucial Industry partnerships in the months leading up to it’ ICO Campaign.

TriForce Tokens will start an IP audit process with the UK government’s innovation agency, Innovate UK. The audit will assess TriForce Tokens’ technology and brand, helping to provide a stronger focus to ensure they deliver maximum value. Innovate UK will work with TriForce Tokens to connect them with relevant partners through its networks.

TriForce Tokens is also receiving support from Coventry University Enterprises Limited. Coventry University Enterprises Ltd’s award-winning Technology Park is a prestigious location that hosts some of the region’s most innovative businesses and is home to the Serious Games Institute.

The company is also a full member of games and network publisher, TIGA, who strengthen games development and digital publishing in the UK. TIGA is a leading gaming trade association which lobbies for the Industry to key government lawmakers within the UK and the EU, positioning the industry in the media and helping its members commercially.

TIGA has enjoyed numerous Industry accolades in the last 7 years, including 24 recognized business awards and it continues to influence government policies within the games industry. TIGA has been influential in several significant industry successes, including tax credit improvements in 2011, Video Games Tax Relief (2008-2014), the maintenance of a Skills Investment Fund in 2015 and the establishment of a £4 million Prototype Fund for start-ups.

TriForce Tokens other big recent partnership was formed with the Swiss-based Crypto Valley Association – a non-profit association aiming to build the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technologies ecosystem in Switzerland. The company is supported by the Swiss government, and is working to advance ICO compliance, including a current project to develop a token launch Code of Conduct. As four of the top six token launches have all taken place in Switzerland, Crypto Valley offers one of the most firmly established organizations in the global blockchain community.

TriForce Tokens and Crowd-sale

TriForce Tokens (TFT) will be the currency powering payments and rewards on the decentralized gaming ecosystem. They will also be available to trade on external platforms, driving significant appreciation of value as the project grows in strength. TriForce Tokens Steamlike blockchain based gaming platform is in Early Alpha and can be accessed for both players and developers

As part of a fundraising exercise to support development of its platform, TriForce Tokens will conduct a public crowdsale of tokens via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). A pre-ICO will open on October 14, 2017 (1.30pm GMT) for 48 hours only. Participants in the pre-ICO stand to gain a 60% limited bonus on top of the standard rate of 1 TFT at $0.20. In addition, 50 random pre-ICO participants will be chosen to receive a free Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

Following this, TriForce Tokens will launch its main ICO event from November 12, 2017 to November 25 (1.30pm GMT), 2017. A 30% bonus will apply on Day 1 purchases and 15% on Days 2 to 7.

A maximum of 375 million TFT will be sold during the ICO from a limited supply of 500 million TFT, while a hard cap of $40 million in funding has been set. Unsold tokens will be burnt. TriForce Tokens also has ambitions to become the first fully-compliant UK ICO, and is working on ISO27001 certification and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliance.

The Team

TriForce Tokens is backed by an ensemble of experts from a range of sectors, including corporate management, online gaming, computer security and blockchain development. Some of its key team members include:

Pete Mardell, CEO

Mardell established himself as a strong engineering professional with his work on a range of technical web applications when he was Head of Development for a recruitment agency in the UK. An avid gamer, Mardell is also a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast. LinkedIn:

Raza Ahmed, CTO

Ahmed has vast experience as a Senior Full Stack Web Developer and qualified blockchain developer, with expertise in Solidity (Ethereum), Javascript, SQL, Node.js, and AngularJS, among others. An MSc holder in Software Development, Ahmed has developed web applications for almost eight years. LinkedIn:

Dr Nazaraf Shah, PhD Research Engineer

An associate professor at Coventry University’s Faculty Research Centre for Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Dr Shah currently lectures in Ethical Hacking and Computer Security.

Jakub Kafarski, Front-end Engineer

Kafarski has worked on front-end engineering for the likes of Noveo, Madkom and Ericsson across Poland, UK and Sweden. He works as a front-end software engineer at CycloMedia Technology, a leader in its field. He is skilled at JavaScript, React, Redux and Node.js and is a member of Mensa. LinkedIn:

Sorina Rusu, System Developer

Rusu is a passionate developer with extensive experience in PHP and Node.js. Her good organization skills and dedication has been key to her successes with consulting and tech firms in Romania as well in the UK. LinkedIn:

Haider Malik, Senior Full Stack Developer

A Javascript expert, Malik also doubles as an instructor at learning academies Udemy and Fullstackhour.

Simona Patrut, Marketing

Patrut has a strong marketing background, including a management role at Romania’s Hilmi Medical Center, where she has managed entire product marketing cycles. She is an expert at building new partnerships for strong brand awareness.

Mihai Bratoi, Brand Designer

Bratoi is a Platinum Designer at UK designing firm 99designs. His work focuses on creating unique, memorable designs that responds well to customer needs for corporate needs and social media.