Blockchain-based Trading Card Game Spells of Genesis Now Available In Web Version

The world of blockchain-based gaming got a whole lot more interesting yesterday afternoon. The web version of Spells of Genesis has finally been released, which is now available to play free of charge. This is the soft launch of the popular game developed by EverdreamSoft, although it is not the full version just yet.

The Spells of Genesis Soft Launch

The original announcement regarding the Spells of Genesis soft launch was made about a week ago. Keeping in mind how this game has been under private beta rules for quite some time, opening it up to the public is a significant step in the right direction. Making the game free of charge will give it an even bigger appeal to players worldwide.

One of the primary objectives of this soft launch is to collect valuable user feedback. EverdreamSoft wants to make sure their game works well across all platforms before releasing the full version to the public. Up until now, most players used the mobile app to play Spells of Genesis.

A public version of the mobile application is also planned, albeit it will take some time until it will be released. The developers did not offer a specific timeline for doing so, which is understandable. In the web version, players will be able to purchase new and more powerful cards by using the BitCrystals currency.

It is good to see Spells of Genesis attempt to gain more mainstream traction. Blockchain-based gaming and in-game items are quite an intriguing world to explore. Blockchain technology can change many aspects of our everyday lives, and gaming is one of the categories.

Interested players can check out the web version by clicking this link. Those who want to upgrade their decks with powerful and rare cards will need to obtain BitCrystals to do so. Purchasing this native game currency can be done through several exchanges, including Poloniex and ShapeShift.

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