Blockchain-based Social Media Platform Tipper is a Place where Every User Can Make Money from Social Activity

Social media is the biggest IT revelation of the last decade or so. While it has been around since the development of the World Wide Web, the real revolution in social media started with Facebook and later Twitter and now continues with SnapChat.

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The total social media networks are worth over $500 billion and the industry is at the center of many other innovations including AI, VR and advertisement. But, the issue with these platforms is that only the advertisers and network owners benefit from it.

For the general public, a social media network has no other benefits except sharing, retweeting or following content that they like. So, while the other side has been reaping enormous benefits from social media, the users unknowingly do not.

Enter Tipper! Tipper is a blockchain-based social media platform and ecosystem that pays both ways and incentivizes “tipping” on social media by allowing users an opportunity to earn from their activity.

How does it work?

All ad revenue on the Tipper platform goes directly to the users and is distributed on the basis of how well their posts have performed. But, that is not the only source of earning on the new groundbreaking platform. Users can also earn through new features what the creators are calling “contest investing”, MonetizationTM and Branded Tips. So, overall, the platform has been monetized through these four steps.

End to Fake News

The idea is to remove fake news, accounts and users associated with the social media of today. We know that pages are artificially pumped up to keep up on Facebook through fake profiles and Social Media marketing is getting complex and rewards are scarce.

Tipper incentivizes the user by adding tipping to likes, shares and views which opens a new world of potentially unlimited monetization for the users. There is virtually no limit to what a user can earn on each post and thus having something “go viral” can result in next-level rewards rather than just being a one-time thing that a person can capitalize on in the future.

Content Investing

Content Investing feature is for the world’s first content marketplace in the Tippler ecosystem. Users here can buy content from each other and earn from the content they own directly. Brands will be allowed to actually communicate directly with the user and thus the instances of fake views and view fraud openly committed by social media platform will be brought to a screeching hault.

Tipper’s All-new Blockchain Protocol

Current blockchains including Ethereum and Bitcoin are not scalable enough to allow the kind of micropayments needed for an ecosystem like Tipper’s and the speed at which they are required. So, Tipper has been developed around a new high-performance blockchain protocol that is speedy and can handle smaller transactions in an efficient manner.

The main features of this new blockchain include:

250,000+ Microtransactions/s (For YouTube-scale video (data) decentralization)
50,000+ Transactions/s (For Tipping (payments) on the blockchain)
Transaction Level Mining (Breaking the mining pools)
Multi-chain Mining (Scalability)
Host Mining
Quality of Service

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