Blockchain-based Completes Development of Platform and Announces First Token trading on Cryptocurrency exchange

The world of esports is followed enthusiastically, just like physical competitive sports. In fact, more people are beginning to identify themselves with an esports team rather than a conventional sport like football or basketball. The millenials are the most important group of this population, and it is expected that the scope and popularity of esports will increase considerably in the future as VR and other technologies improve the gaming and viewing experience.

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The esports aren’t a direct competition towards other sports but rather a different universe altogether. As online sports evolves and expands, there is a need for a good platform for the esports community, including both gamers and enthusiasts who wish to follow these sports and engage in activities like remote viewing of some of the best players in the business just like regular sports. is an all-new platform that aims to provide exactly that. The project has just finished the development of its decentralized e-gaming platform after a successful TGE allowed it the monetary freedom to execute its ambitious goals with freedom.

The Services

The basic services of the new platform include a new online esports shop where users can buy hardware, merchandise and game items from esports guys or certified vendors of sports teams, a licensed esports betting platform, a community sharing portal, and an all-exclusive “eSports University.” The esports university is a unique aspect of the new platform as it offers tutorials for new users, coaching lessons from professional players and free gaming education that is fun for everybody. The main games the platform is targeting right now include League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DotA2.

The Success of the Token Generation Event (TGE) and Token

Chief eSports Officer Benjamin Főckersperger was of the opinion:

“This allows us to realize our dream and motivates us to work hard for the implementation of our ambitious plan to make the biggest e-gaming community worldwide!”

The platform is ready to be deployed but it is never finished by any means. It will evolve continuously as time progresses. The token is called the ERT token and the cryptocurrency exchange named is officially listing the new token on their platform for trading with another exchange C-ex following up with a release of its own.

The startup is also looking towards further partnerships with top gamers and players in the esports industry to boost the performance and attract more and more people to use their services.
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