BitXatm Adds Ethereum Support To Bitcoin ATMs

Ethereum has been making a lot of headlines as of late, which has attracted attention from Bitcoin ATM manufacturers. BitXatm is one of the first companies to officially support Ethereum next to Bitcoin on their devices, although it is unclear a show many devices will enable this feature in the future.

BitXatm Embraces Ethereum

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It is positive to see Bitcoin ATM manufacturers keeping a close eye on what is happening in the cryptocurrency world. Ethereum seems to be in high demand, and from a business perspective, it makes sense to see ATM manufacturers expand their offerings beyond Bitcoin over time.

BitXatm has pulled the proverbial trigger and added Ethereum support through their devices. At the time of writing, it is unknown whether or not this will be enabled by default automatically, or if operators will need to switch on the Ethereum option. However, this is a cause of great excitement, to say the least.

BitXatm is not the first company to do so, though. Lamassu enabled Ethereum support for all of their Bitcoin ATMs not too long ago; Lamassu operators will need to manually activate the Ethereum option, though. But it is good to see more manufacturers adding this option in a space where there is little to no competition.

InstaCoin had announced a similar plan back in March of 2016, although there is no official support for Ethereum just yet. Additionally, developed a hybrid Bitcoin/Ethereum ATM solution a few months ago. There seems to be a genuine interest in buying and selling Ethereum in exchange for cash.

This announcement comes at a time where Ethereum sees a lot of attention, and some people even refer to it as a competitor to Bitcoin. However, experts are arguing these two cryptocurrencies are not in competition with one another. ATM manufacturers seem to be thinking along the same lines, as they want to have Bitcoin and Ethereum peacefully co-exist on their machines.

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