Latest Bitcoin ATM By Instacoin Goes Head-to-head With Western Union

Instacoin is a company specialized in operating Bitcoin ATMs all over the Canada, and they have recently added their 17th Bitcoin Teller Machine to their growing network. Although this device is only accessible during store hours, it is rather interesting to note the device is located in a Cash Shop, where it goes head-to-head with other money transfer and remittance solutions.

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Instacoin Bitcoin ATM Network Keeps Growing

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Although there are several companies in the world looking to build out their Bitcoin ATM network, very few companies are on the same level as Instacoin right now. With seventeen Bitcoin ATMs in their network to date, the company is taking an aggressive approach towards bringing Bitcoin to Canadian consumers and businesses.

Similar to most other Bitcoin ATMs in the world, the latest Instacoin addition is located in a shop where there is a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. Keeping in mind how this particular venue is home to money transfer services and Western Union as well, things could get exciting regarding putting Bitcoin head-to-head with the services it is trying to disrupt.

Opening hours of this particular venue vary a bit, although the Instacoin device will be accessible six days per week. As we mentioned in the past, 24/7 Bitcoin ATM access would be far more preferable, but it is not always possible, unfortunately. However, having a machine in a location dealing with various types of payments and money transfers on a daily basis is an excellent addition for sure.

Building a Bitcoin ATM network across Canada is an attractive move by Instacoin, and they are targeting a lot of different regions so far. Montreal is covered, of course, but their devices can only be found across Saint-Leonard, Laval, Quebec, Toronto, and a handful of other areas all across the country.

This gives consumers a chance to not only find a Bitcoin ATM near their location, but it also creates opportunities to find lower prices for purchasing digital currency. Reducing the costs for buying Bitcoin from an ATM is essential for any digital currency enthusiasts, as there is no reason to pay a bigger premium than necessary.

Source; Instacoin

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