Bitszer Is A Bitcoin Auction House Platform For In-game Items

Bitszer is an interesting Bitcoin concept that could hold a lot of promise in the future. Allowing users to buy or exchange resources across game platforms through a Bitcoin-powered auction house system sound quite appealing to say the last.

Can Bitszer Bridge The Gap Between Gaming and Bitcoin?

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It is not the first time people try to bridge the gap between Bitcoin and in-game items, as there is a lot to gain for all parties involved. Most i-game items cannot be traded or sold, yet players invest a ton of time in their gaming activity. Monetizing this content is not an easy job, and next to Free My Vunk, Bitszer is one of the few other projects trying to address this issue.

While Bitszer is still in its very early days of being publicly embraced, developers can download the code and integrate it into their games if they wanted to. However, the user-friendliness still needs some work, and the team is working hard on improving that side of the medallion.

Some people may be wondering what role Bitcoin can play in all of this although they are a perfect match when looking at the frictionless nature of cryptocurrency peer-to-peer transfers. Additionally, the fact that Bitcoin payments can be made for fractional amounts makes the cryptocurrency more appealing for trading and selling low-value items.

Whether or not Bitszer will be a game changer, remains to be seen. It is up to individual game developers to integrate this system, from which they will make 50% of the revenue generated. However, given the niche appeal Bitcoin has right now, the question becomes whether or not there is a big enough market for such an initiative right now.

Speaking of the revenue model, the code takes a 3% cut from all game transactions, which is then split evenly between the team and the game developer. Moreover, Bitszer wants to make it clear that gaming the system may not be the best idea, as it only devalues in-game items. This will not have an impact on the overall Bitcoin/Bitszer economy model, but it will impact the game itself.

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