BitPay’s Bitcoin Checkout Now Supports Bitcoin Cash Transactions

Getting more merchants to accept Bitcoin payments will always remain a big challenge. This is especially true when dealing with physical retailers and point of sale transactions. BitPay has begun to make a big impact in this regard, as its Bitcoin Checkout application now supports Bitcoin Cash as well.

Bitcoin Checkout Continues to Evolve

For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin Checkout, it is a solution developed by BitPay. The world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor knows all too well that real-world Bitcoin transactions will need to pick up quite quickly. Getting merchants and retailers to explore that option will not be easy whatsoever.

This is why BitPay introduced the Bitcoin Checkout option quite some time ago. The platform lets merchants accept Bitcoin payments through their mobile devices. All it takes is installing the application, which makes for a rather straightforward process. This option is also available to those who currently are not part of the Bitcoin point-of-sale integration offered by BitPay.

Bitcoin Checkout is designed to provide a flexible payment solution for retailers all over the world. There is a multi-employee checkout, on-screen tipping, and matching of order IDs generated by other POS systems. With support for over 150 different currencies, it makes for a compelling option when it comes to dealing with Bitcoin payments.

Although this option has seen its fair share of success already, it now seems Bitcoin Checkout has built-in support for Bitcoin Cash. This is a logical development, especially considering that BitPay has made it clear it will continue to support BCH in the near term. There’s a lot more to cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin, and payment processors will need to pay attention to up-and-coming currencies.

Whether or not this will lead to more retailers and merchants accepting Bitcoin Cash payments at the point of sale remains to be seen. It is good to give people more options when it comes to cryptocurrency payments, and merchants are keeping a close eye on industry developments.

Additionally, it appears BitPay is planning to integrate Bitcoin Cash settlement in the near future. With a strong focus on businesses and retailers, the company is definitely heading in an intriguing direction. With this settlement option, merchants can accept BCH payments and retain their revenue in the form of Bitcoin Cash.