BitPay Announces the End of the Copay Chrome App

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have used the Copay app from BitPay through their Chrome browser. This particular app has seen pretty significant adoption rates over the years. Unfortunately, the company has been forced to halt this service, and the Copay Bitcoin wallet will no longer be available through the Chrome Web Store in the future. It seems Google has decided to no longer support such apps on non-Chrome OS platforms.

The end for the Copay Chrome App

This sudden decision by Google has caused a lot of backlash already. No longer supporting Chrome apps for non-Chrome OS platforms is a questionable decision. While it’s understandable the tech giant wants to bring more positive attention to its powerful and lightweight platform, it should not have exclusive access to Chrome apps. Although the Chrome browser is incredibly popular all over the world, very few people will be able to use these apps moving forward.

Unfortunately, some Bitcoin service providers will also be affected by Google’s decision. Anyone with a working Chrome app will no longer be able to support it other than for Chrome OS users. Considering how the latter is a niche market right now, it is doubtful that many companies appreciate this change. BitPay will be officially retiring its Copay Chrome app in the near future, which was only to be expected.

Having a Bitcoin wallet accessible through one’s Chrome browser is pretty significant. It is also a feature which hundreds of people thoroughly enjoyed using. Sadly, that will no longer be possible as of next year. Instead, Copay users will have the mobile and desktop apps at their disposal to enjoy the same service. They are a bit less convenient, but in the end, no one will miss out on any important functionality. It also means BitPay can focus more on both mobile and desktop apps in the future, which is a pretty positive outcome.

Anyone who still has funds in his or her Copay Chrome app right now may want to look into moving the money to a different wallet. Hardware wallet integration with TREZOR and Ledger is only available through the Chrome app, which means these devices will no longer be able to co-sign transactions in the future. This decision by Google will have some major ramifications for the Copay service as a whole, which is why BitPay is already warning users in advance. Moving one’s funds out of the Copay Chrome app should be the top priority for all users as of right now.

It is certainly possible that other Bitcoin-related service providers will issue statements of their own in the future. Google’s harsh and controversial decision will cause a lot of problems for most companies outside of cryptocurrency as well. Moreover, it is doubtful that many people will switch to Chrome OS all of a sudden, as there is very little incentive to do so. Then again, those who use a computer for office work and a phone or tablet for everything else may certainly be inclined to choose this lightweight option. Chrome OS is a good system, assuming it suits your needs.

Thankfully, the Bitcoin ecosystem is home to many different wallet solutions these days. Copay is still accessible, even though it will not be available through the Chrome browser in the future. Installing the desktop or mobile app isn’t much of a problem, as these apps are pretty simple and lightweight. An interesting future lies ahead for Copay and its users.