BitMinutes Pre-ICO Price Jumps another $0.002 This Monday

The Pre-ICO price of BitMinutes (BMT) will make its next price jump of two tenths of a cent this Monday, April 9, 2018 to $0.015. Purchases made prior to Monday through the BitMinutes website will get the current $0.013 price.

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BitMinutes is now past the halfway point in its Pre-ICO period, with the full ICO launching April 30. The Pre-ICO price has been rising weekly each Monday. Find more information, the schedule of remaining Pre-ICO prices increases, whitepaper and other information, visit

“As cryptocurrencies get increasing scrutiny from regulators, people are taking a greater interest in buying BitMinutes,” notes BitMinutes CEO Tom Meredith. “Cryptocurrencies that bear up under close examination must have a solid business plan behind them, ready to implement. Our strategic focus is therefore becoming more attractive. Even more, we have traction. We have built a communication channel between the Southeast U.S. and East Africa founded on the BitMinutes technology.

We are in the process of obtaining approval from the Financial Monetary Authority of Lichtenstein, adding European connections to our network. We are building affordable financial services delivery systems using all the latest FinTech innovations. These are on the brink of rollout with partners in Latin America. These will both lead to expanded financial inclusion to billions more people globally, as our country-by-country partnerships with local distributors and financial institutions grow. There is a real business growing here. As we said last week, buying BitMinutes is an accessible, affordable way to participate.”

“Helping people raise themselves out of poverty simply by providing them decent access to proper banking and financial services has made a lot of sense to people as a mission,” added Meredith.

BitMinutes, a fintech start-up, is on a mission to create a financial system that is “better than BitCoin for billions”, where the “billions” are people living in what the BitMinutes team calls “underserved economic communities”.  These are the many global economies which are less financially-advanced; where cash is still the primary form of value exchange and lending is rare, and too expensive for most individual borrowers. “BitMinutes will leverage the economies of scale offered by the innovations of blockchain technology and tokenization, providing the opportunity to significantly expand formal, reliable, financial services to developing communities that are strangled by corruption, red tape, and a lack of asset liquidity”.

The BitMinutes token, BMT, allows for peer-to-peer cash transactions to over 2 billion bank accounts in 70 countries and prepaid top-up to over 4 billion mobile accounts in over 200 countries. The platform enables users to transact using a basic mobile phone, and will also facilitate micro-credit lending, opening up a financial world previously unavailable to billions of emerging market consumers who currently struggle with limited access to capital and a lack of traditional banking services.