Bitcomo – Ultra Fast, Frictionless Affiliate Network Accelerates Pay-for-Performance

Affiliate marketing on the blockchain could do for marketing what intercontinental rocket flights are promising to do for commercial air travel. While you may have to wait until 2022 before commercial rocket travel is available, ultra fast affiliate marketing over the Blockchain is here today.

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A More Efficient Affiliate Network

The next generation of performance marketing is on the Blockchain. Bitcomo, an affiliate network supporting smart contract projects and ICOs,  is the first CPA network to run on smart contracts. But in the same way friction can slow down hypersonic vehicles, affiliate networks need to eliminate friction to operate at faster speeds.

Bitcomo’s network is both frictionless and fast. Like all Blockchain solutions, Bitcomo is improving a business process—in this case, affiliate marketing—by reducing intermediaries. If using a traditional CPA (cost per action) marketing model, at least four intermediaries are between the advertiser and lead generation. Marketing dollars could be eroded at each node in the network through friction caused by costs, errors, data transmission losses and fraud.

The smart contract creates frictionless affiliate networks. Transactions are performed directly between the advertiser and affiliate through  a transparent blockchain. Errors and fraud by intermediaries are eliminated and, if they do occur, transparent and traceable. The smart contract tracks and encrypts each action—be it a click, conversion or payment—in a block changeable only by permission by all parties to each block on the chain. Crucially, all these actions are viewable, making it impossible for affiliates to create false traffic or sales without being seen.

These efficiencies allow the network operator to provide affiliate services at significantly lower commissions. On the Bitcomo network, the commission is 5 percent. Payment can be processed instantaneously at agreed upon nodes (actions) in the affiliate marketing process.

Bitcomo co-founder Ivan Karadzhov is an innovator in online advertising. He is also CEO of pop under ad shop AdPop, a less intrusive advertising method that opens ad windows underneath the active window. Its advisory board is comprised of startup and marketing technology experts including Constantin Gorshkov of, Glen Nikitin of MediaSniper, Oleg Donovan of, Maksim Mukhorrtov of AdNow and Aleksey Voronin of

The Hypersonic Blockchain

Bitcomo delivers your marketing messages through affiliate networks at a zippier speed via a reengineered blockchain platform called the TraceChain. The TraceChain can log clicks and leads in the blockchain at 10,000 qps, which is an impressively 10 times  faster than other blockchain providers.  


Consider the highly trafficked e-commerce shopping cart space. One of the oldest and highest paying affiliate networks, online e-commerce giant Shopify, which by the way accepts bitcoin, has 13,000 affiliate partners in its network. Speed could increase efficiency, but not if the speed bumps of the traditional pay-for-performance system persist. As noted above, smart contracts remove friction.  The current Blockchain can process two million crypto currency transactions per day, whereas the TraceChain can handle five billion daily. As affiliate networks grow in number and size, more capacity will be required. Gleb Nikitin and Sergey Raylyan, the inventors of the TraceChain protocol, are Bitcomo advisors.

The Bitcomo Token (BM) Sale

The on-ramp to Bitcomo’s faster and more secure affiliate network is its upcoming ICO. In the future Internet marketing will take place in a secure eco-system in which all transactions are done with tokens, but no need to wait. The Bitcomo affiliate network will be open in alpha mode in January. The Bitcomo token BM is the currency for all marketing transactions, while bitcoin and ethereum will be automatically converted. The utility token is used to pay for the leads by the advertiser and as payout to affiliates. The BM tokens will be listed on all major exchanges. Investors can acquire the tokens through the ICO.  

The pre-ICO runs for 30 days starting on November 20th.  The main ICO runs from January 16 to February 16, 2018. In total, 170 million tokens will be offered at $0,30 with a hard cap of $51 million.  An early bird offer will sell 27.2 million tokens at a 10-25 percent discount. During the ICO period, a 20 percent bonus will be offered on 30 percent of the remaining 108.8 million tokens.

You may have to wait for hypersonic air travel, but ultra-fast affiliate marketing on the blockchain is arriving now.