Offers Versatile Tools For Developers And Bitcoin Users is one of the unsung heroes in the digital currency development space. The company offers a wide variety of tools, all of which can be used to create new platforms and solutions. Even digital currency enthusiasts not active in the development sector should check out and its offerings. Project slike these are never finished, and the team keeps working hard to deliver a professional and efficient service to its users.

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Anyone who is active as a developer in the Bitcoin world should be on the lookout for additional services and APIs. offers a very appealing programmable interface which directly connects to their platform. As the API is in alpha stage right now, all feedback from developers is more than welcome.

What makes the API so appealing to developers are the two different connection interfaces, called REST and STREAM. Market data and blockchain information can be accessed through either interface method. But that is not all, as these methods can be used with existing protocols, making development a breeze.

Various types of data can be accessed through the Bitcoin API provided by There is a lot of focus on the Bitcoin price, and developing a Bitcoin price widget is one of the possibilities. Moreover, coming up with a Bitcoin price chart service is relatively easy as well, thanks to an easy-to-use API.

Various solutions display the Bitcoin price in a variety of manners. Some developers will focus on the Bitcoin price in USD, whereas others want to display the Bitcoin price today. Moreover, a Bitcoin price history can be integrated into the Bitcoin price chart. There is no real limit as to what the API is capable of. For Users Transaction Pool

Not everyone in the digital currency world is a developer, as plenty of users rely on blockchain-based services. The block explorer offers every functionality one can think of. Whether it is checking a specific Bitcoin block, or looking up a Bitcoin transaction, everything is just a few clicks away.

A Bitcoin block explorer can serve other needs as well, though. Bitcoin analysis has become a growing trend, and it is an option worth exploring for users. Digital currency enthusiasts can perform an analysis of why their pending Bitcoin transaction, for example. Looking at various other Bitcoin statistics is another option as well.

Among these Bitcoin statistics is the mining information, giving an overview of current pool statistics. This is where sets itself apart from other solutions, as they combine details from one of the largest pools databases. Information is provided on both pie charts and graphics, and users can customize the Bitcoin statistics being shown.

All in all, is offering plenty of features for any digital currency enthusiasts. Popular platforms such as offer similar functionality, but their recent downtime issues are making it difficult for developers to guarantee project uptime. This feature-rich platform is an alternative well worth exploring.


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