Bitcoin VPS Service Review – Zappie Host

Zappie Host has been trying to position itself in the competitive VPS market for quite some time now. The company prides itself on providing excellent hosting services at affordable prices. Moreover, they accept Bitcoin payments, as the company acknowledges some of their customers value their financial privacy.  

Zappie Host VPS Overview

It seems as if some Bitcoin VPS providers are taking a rather unusual approach to the business. Zappie Host is not that different in this regard, as their servers are located in rather unusual areas. India, New Zealand, and South Africa are the three countries users can order a VPS from, which is a rather interesting choice.

On the pricing front, the company’s New Zealand servers are priced between US$4.5 and US$19 per month. Depending on user preferences, the amount of RAM, CPU cores, and hard drive space will be different. All servers are equipped with a 100Mbps connection, which ensures a reliable connection to the hosted services.

Zappie Host VPS servers in India and South Africa are priced the same as their New Zealand counterparts and come with the same features. All VPS servers use the OpenVZ virtualization technology, which is a popular industry standard. All in all, it seems their VPS offering is quite stable, and the company has been around since late 2014.

Unfortunately, it appears users are not able to add specific features that may be important to them. For example, some users would like to use IPv6, but Zappie Host does not offer that feature at this time. It is not included in the monthly price, nor is it listed as an add-on feature. A missed opportunity, to say the least.

All VPS servers will be set up automatically, and the company accepts both PayPal and Bitcoin as a payment method. PayPal is quite popular as a payment processor, and Bitcoin offers customers to maintain a level of privacy while spending money. This dual-pronged payment approach is a good decision, as it allows Zappie Host to attract customers from all over the world.

All things considered, Zappie Host offers some of the cheapest VPS servers located in New Zealand. Reviews for the company appear to be mostly positive, and servers seem to be running just fine. For users looking for a sold VPN while on a budget, Zappie Host is worth checking out.

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