Bitcoin VPS Service Review – SolVPS

SolVPS is one of those companies that offers virtually every online service one could ever need to launch a  business or project. Ranging from premium VPS hosting to domain names and dedicated servers, this company has everything available at affordable prices. They also accept Bitcoin, which is the primary reason that people should take an interest in the Company.

SolVPS Has Something For Everyone

It is always positive to see VPS service providers offer a wide variety of products to their customers. SolVPS specializes in both Windows and Linux VPS packages, as well as dedicated servers, web hosting, and domain names. Depending on customers’ preferences, it should not be difficult to find exactly what one is looking for.

Windows VPS packages range from US$13.03 per month to US$74.68 per month. Their Linux counterparts come with the same specifications and pricing. It is also possible to build a custom solution, although it may take slightly longer to deploy such a server. Speaking of the servers, they are hosted in new York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and London. There is no Asian server option, unfortunately, but this is only a minor drawback.

Dedicated servers are slightly more expensive, which is only normal. With prices ranging from US$87 to US$350+ per month, these are designed for more intensive tasks and platforms. Dedicated servers are hosted in New York and London, which should cover most users’ needs. Low latency is of the utmost importance when dealing with dedicated servers, and SolVPS aims to provide that service around the clock.

Other products offered by the company include cloud web hosting, domain names, and SSL certificates. Anyone buying a VPS or dedicated server may find that these tools will come in handy over time, and it is good to have one provider offering all of these tools. Moreover, SolVPS accepts Bitcoin as a  payment option for all products.

What makes SolVPS so interesting is how there are no contracts associated with these services, allowing customers to cancel at any time. More importantly, the company doesn’t charge late or reactivation fees. Users have the option to pay on a monthly basis or choose a prepaid long-term deal. Flexibility such as this is hard to come by in the world of web services these days.

Online reviews for SolVPS are not overly positive in general, though. Not everyone takes a liking to their customer service. There is nothing wrong with the products themselves, although not all solutions are user-friendly to set up. Customer service is key in the running of a successful online business, but SolVPS seems to cut a few corners in this regard.

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