Bitcoin VPS Service Review – Noez

VPS service providers are not hard to come by in the Bitcoin world. Various companies compete with one another to offer exciting services at competitive pricing. Noez, a German VPS provider, is focusing their attention on a multitude of services to attract customers from all over the world. They have also been accepting Bitcoin for a very long time, which is a nice bonus.

Multiple Interesting Products Offered By Noez

When it comes to VPS providers, one has to look beyond providing just web hosting and servers these days. In this digital age, consumers are asking for various types of services, and Noez tries to accommodate most of these demands. Although they offer virtual servers and web hosting solutions, those are not the only options available.

Speaking of the Vserver offering by Noez, users can choose between servers with an SSD or HDD. Different plans are available depending on what configuration the customer needs. Plus, they also offer virtual servers with a Windows operating system, which is a nice touch. At the time of writing, the Noez Windows Vserver packages were sold out, though.

Looking at the company’s web service offering, they sell both web hosting and domain names to users all over the world. Bitcoin is accepted for these products,  and their web hosting prices are relatively competitive. All plans come with unlimited traffic, which is quite unusual in the world of web hosting.

What sets Noez apart from most other VPS providers, however, is how they offer prepaid Minecraft servers to their customers. Six different server packages are available, ranging from 30 Euros per year to 438.25 Euros per year. The most expensive plan comes with 16GB of RAM, 325 GB of HDD space, and DDoS protection capable of withstanding up to 550Gbit/s of traffic.

Noez also offers Teamspeak servers, which can be quite useful for competitive gamers and enterprises all over the world. A Teamspeak server offers voice chat capabilities through a lightweight client. Noez offers free Teamspeak servers for up to four users, although additional user slots will cost 25 cents per month. The most expensive server, with 200 slots, will cost 49 Euros per month, which is not all that expensive.

Unfortunately, Noez seems to drop the ball quite often when it comes to customer support and setting up servers promptly. Trustpilot has quite a few negative reviews for the company, which is not a positive sign. Customer support is criticized more often than not, although the quality of products seems just fine.

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