Bitcoin VPS Service Review – DataCell

Several virtual private server providers are located in regions where not too many people would think of looking for such a service. Iceland, for example, is quite an interesting area where technology is concerned. But DataCell, a local VPS provider, has been making a name for itself over the years, and they accept Bitcoin payments to boot.

Sustainable And Ethical Hosting By DataCell

The tagline of this Icelandic VPS provider is quite unusual, as they want to profile themselves as a “100% sustainable and ethical hosting” company. Then again, Iceland is a country where durable and renewable energy sources are a hot topic.  It also makes sense for local web hosting companies to promote sustainable solutions in their own way.

Virtual private servers offered by DataCell come with high-speed connectivity and unrestricted bandwidth. Do keep in mind that there is 100GB of data traffic included, although dedicated bandwidth can be requested. Moreover, users are given complete admin access to their host, rather than dealing with shared hosting. All servers are kept online via renewable energy as well.

Prices for a VPS at DataCell start at 19 Euros per month, excluding VAT. This makes the company one of the more expensive solutions out there, and upgrades are available. Moreover, the company ensures that all data is protected under Icelandic jurisdiction, which may be a major selling point for specific customers.

What is rather intriguing is how DataCell also offers a service that is rather uncommon. Co-location for the outsourcing of data centers is entirely possible. The company has a data center in both Reykjavik and Basel, which are available to enterprise customers. Bitcoin mining is one of the supported use cases, as they have custom deals in places for that type of practice.

Reviews for DataCell are rather difficult to come by, as it seems that their marketing efforts focus mainly on Iceland itself. It doesn’t appear that the Company has the biggest international presence, even though they welcome customers from all over the world. Then again, smaller companies should not be dismissed easily, even if it’s hard to find a review about their services.

It is good to see companies such as DataCell focus on doing a few things right, rather than trying to offer many different products while sacrificing on customer service. It is difficult to tell how well the company does on that last front, though, given the lack of reviews.

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