Bitcoin VPS Service Review – CoinsHost

Switzerland is a country where a lot of technology ventures try to gain a foothold. Bitcoin VPS providers are not that common in the country, but that situation could change at any given time. CoinsHost offers Web Hosting, VPS services, and DDoS Protection in exchange for Bitcoin payments.

CoinsHost Denominates Pricing In Bitcoin

One thing that stands out immediately when looking at the CoinsHost website is how the company lists its prices primarily in Bitcoin. At the bottom, one can find the equivalent value in USD, EUR, and CHF, but the primary price indicator is Bitcoin. Quite an interesting strategy, as it shows what the company is trying to focus on first and foremost.

On the products front, CoinsHost has quite a few different items to choose from. Their VPS service comes with a 10 Gbps network connection, and DDoS protection is available as well. Prices range from 0.00767 BTC/month all the way to 0.06899 Bitcoin/month. Users can add extra storage, backup snapshots, and choose between Linux distros or a Windows installation.

The company also provides dedicated servers, with several dozen configurations available. These prices are primarily denominated in fiat currency value, even though Bitcoin is an accepted payment method. All servers are located in the Zurich data center and come with up to 15TB of monthly bandwidth.

Another product offered by CoinsHost is their cloud hosting, which includes pre-configured server packages. As one would expect, these are some of the most expensive services to buy, with the costliest package costing 0.71368 Bitcoin/month. It is equally possible to build a custom cloud server configuration, though.

Last but not least, CoinsHost provides server and equipment colocation. Their Zurich-based data center is open to customers looking to fit hardware units. There is no setup fee, and the monthly costs depend on the chosen package. Bitcoin, litecoin, and NXT are all accepted payment options for these services, which is a nice touch.

Not too many people have reviewed the CoinsHost services so far, although the ones we can find are mostly positive. Always do your own research before ordering virtual products from a company accepting Bitcoin payments, though. From what we can tell, the company looks legitimate, but your mileage may vary.

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